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Maeshowe was probably built around 2800 BC. In the archaeology of Scotland, it gives its name to the Maeshowe type of chambered cairn, which is limited to Orkney.

Maeshowe is one of the largest tombs in Orkney. The mound encasing the tomb is 35 m in diameter and rises to a height of 7.3 m. Surrounding the mound, at a distance of 15 m to 21 m is a ditch up to 14 m wide. The grass mound hides a complex of passages and chambers built of carefully crafted slabs offlagstone weighing up to 30 tons. It is aligned so that the rear wall of its central chamber is illuminated on the winter solstice.

Maeshowe is a significant example of Neolithic craftsmanship and is, in the words of the archaeologists, “a superlative monument that by its originality of execution is lifted out of its class into a unique position.”

The Historic Environment Scotland digital documentation team has created a 3D interactive model.

Maeshowe entrance


Cross-sections of maeshowe

The interactive 3D model can be seen via the link below.

Masehowe – 3D interactive model