Queen Elizabeth ll Funeral 19 September 2022

The Massed Pipes and Drums of the Scottish and Irish Regiments led the procession of the Queen’s Coffin and Gun Carriage through the streets of London.

The Massed Pipes and Drums chose to lead off from the Funeral at Westminster Abbey with ” Chi Mi Na Morbheanna”.

Chì mi na mòrbheanna (commonly known in English as The Mist Covered Mountains of Home) is a Scottish Gaelic song that was written in 1856 by Highlander John Cameron (Iain Camshroin), a native of Ballachulish and known locally in the Gaelic fashion as Iain Rob and Iain Òg Ruaidh. He worked in the slate quarries before moving to Glasgow where he was engaged as a ship’s broker. He became the Bard of the Glasgow Ossianic Society and also Bard to Clan Cameron.

He returned to carry on a merchant’s business along with his elder brother and to cultivate a small croft at Taigh a’ Phuirt, Glencoe, in his beloved Highlands. Other songs and odes appeared in The Oban Times and in various song books. He was buried in St. Munda’s Isle in Loch Leven. Wreaths of oak leaves and ivy covered the bier. The song is a longing for home and, with its wistful, calming melody and traditional ballad rhythms, is often used as a lullaby.

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