The Battle of Culloden – 16 April 1746

16 April, 746 the Jacobite army – under the command of Prince Charles Edward Stuart, faced the Hanoverian army – under the command of William, the Duke of Cumberland, at Culloden, (Drummossie Moor).

Of the reported 700 Cameron clansmen fighting under the command of Donald Cameron of Lochiel XIX Chief of Clan Cameron, approximately 225 were killed and 150 wounded (Lochiel was among the wounded). In that only 17 Cameron clansmen were taken from the field alive and as prisoners, most of the other 133 “estimated” wounded were bayoneted or shot where they lay, or would soon die in confinement.

From this, it may be surmised that approximately 358 Cameron clansmen, over one-half of Lochiel’s regiment, perished on Culloden Moor. Camerons inflicted the majority of casualties among Hanoverian forces; 19 dead and 63 wounded in Munro’s foot regiment and 120 dead or wounded in Barrell’s foot regiment. The 1745 Jacobite Rising, for all intents and purposes, came to its end at Culloden.


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