How well do you know Scotland? Ten quick questions.

The answers can be found on the Clan Cameron in Australia Member’s Page.

1) What does the word ceilidh translate as?

2) Who wrote the words of Scots, Wha hae – ‘Scots, Who have’?

3) Which American park did the Scots conservationist John Muir found?

4) What is the current Guiness World Record for tossing the caber in one hour?

5) Whose dying words were, “So little done. So much to do”?

6) How long is the West Highland Way? a) 85 miles, b) 95 miles or c) 105 miles?

7) What do geal and dubh translate as?

8) What was the Roman name for Scotland?

9) What kind of weather is described in Scotland as smolt?

10) Who is entitled to wear what feathers?


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