Clan Cameron NSW President’s Report for the 2020

Alistair Cameron, President Clan Cameron NSW Inc.

This has been the most disruptive year in the life of Clan Cameron. When I think back to last October we were energised, gaining momentum and building on initiatives from the 2018 Clan Cameron Gathering in Australia held on the Gold Coast. In addition, a good number of our members were looking forward to the 2020 Clan Cameron Gathering at Achnacarry and the opportunity that
provided for extended travel in conjunction with a trip to Scotland. Who could have imagined how the world could change so dramatically in such a short time with the arrival of Covid‐19.

From March onwards we unfortunately received notification after notification of cancelled 2020 events including, among others, the Bundanoon Highland Gathering, Australian Celtic Festival, at Glen Innes, International Tartan Day in Brisbane, the Aberdeen Highland Games, the Scottish Act of Remembrance March in Sydney on Anzac Day and, of course, the Achnacarry gathering in Scotland.

We did manage to sneak in our interesting and informative visit to the NSW Stage Library in March
but restrictions on numbers who could gather in one place and uncertainty as to when and how
things might change over the course of the year have meant we have not organised any other
physical meetings in NSW this year.

I am optimistic that things will change and improve in the year ahead. Accepted protocols for
gatherings, social distancing, contract tracing and general health awareness has evolved so that it
appears we can start to plan some activities for 2021 in a Covid‐safe manner. It is also good to see
that planning is underway for some of the larger NSW events including Bundanoon (17 April 2021),
and Glen Innes Celtic Festival (29 April to 2 May 2021). Time will tell as to whether the events can
occur, but I am optimistic at least some will take place even if in modified forms from previous years.

Your committee has been busy despite the disruptions.

Chris Cameron has done some amazing work with our website and continues to enhance both the
appearance and embedded capabilities. Please take a look at https://www.clan‐
Members can find up to date information about the clan, our activities, links to the clan genealogies
and other websites and much more.

Chris is also managing a software update to the clan genealogies so professionally prepared and
maintained by Dr Bob Cameron over 30 years. This was necessary as the version of the original
software was about to become obsolete.

We have updated and circulated the Clan Cameron NSW Strategic Plan for 2020‐25.

We have also reviewed and updated our constitution to bring us into line with the Model
Constitution in accordance with the Associations Incorporation Act 2009. This will be the subject of a
Special General Meeting to be convened later today.

The Cameron Stories have been collated and artwork added for release as a first edition later this
year. My thanks to Lynne and John Cameron for commencing this initiative, to those who
contributed including committee members who have provided input to the presentation. It is hoped
that a second edition will follow and will incorporate further stories from members inspired by the
work to date.

The quarterly Clan Cameron Australia News continues to be a mainstay of the organisation and I
would like to thank our Commissioner James Lachlan Cameron for the significant time and effort he
has put into its production this year. The Clan Cameron NSW Facebook page continues to expand its
reach and we now regularly interact with the Facebook activities of some of the other Clan Cameron
organisations overseas.

As can be seen from the financial report, we remain financially solvent and I would like thank Chris
Cameron for carrying out the treasurer’s position with diligence and efficiency. Thanks also to Ross
Catterall for his assistance with compiling our financial affairs report for 2020.

I would like to thank Vice Presidents Jim Cameron and John Cameron for their ongoing support,
Terry Cameron for the very professional and diligent manner in which she has carried out the most
important secretary’s role, Chris Cameron, Roger Cameron and John Ray and all members who have
helped out in various ways during the year. Thanks also to Commissioner James Cameron for his
active participation and support of all of our activities and his sage advice.

I look forward to a year where we can continue to grow as a clan and strengthen our networks both
within NSW and around Australia. I look forward to meeting you at our future functions and events
be they real or virtual.

Alistair Cameron
President Clan Cameron NSW Inc.
October 2020