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Warracknabeal, Vic



Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Box, Eliza May  27 Jan 1894Warracknabeal, Vic I92466
2 Box, Thomas Leslie  20 Nov 1895Warracknabeal, Vic I92467
3 Cameron  1920Warracknabeal, Vic I91962
4 Cameron, Agnes Isabella  25 Jul 1881Warracknabeal, Vic I60697
5 Cameron, Agnes Isabella  1885Warracknabeal, Vic I60934
6 Cameron, Christina  1884Warracknabeal, Vic I99353
7 Cameron, George Allan  3 May 1914Warracknabeal, Vic I91960
8 Cameron, Jean Victoria  21 Apr 1916Warracknabeal, Vic I91961
9 Cameron, Keith Finlay  1 Jul 1912Warracknabeal, Vic I91959
10 Cameron, Linden Arthur MC & bar  17 Mar 1918Warracknabeal, Vic I106370
11 Cameron, Lorna May  12 Feb 1929Warracknabeal, Vic I106728
12 Cameron, Lucy May  1893Warracknabeal, Vic I116542
13 Cameron, Maisie Olive  15 Apr 1923Warracknabeal, Vic I106726
14 Cameron, Marion  1887Warracknabeal, Vic I99355
15 Cameron, Mary  1885Warracknabeal, Vic I99354
16 Cameron, Mary Victoria  14 Jun 1887Warracknabeal, Vic I60789
17 Cameron, Pearl Alydia Loveday  1893Warracknabeal, Vic I60941
18 Cameron, Samuel  1881Warracknabeal, Vic I99351
19 Cameron, Shirley Heather  7 Oct 1926Warracknabeal, Vic I106727
20 Cameron, Stewart Roy  1900Warracknabeal, Vic I116544
21 Cameron, Victoria  1897Warracknabeal, Vic I99359
22 Cameron, William  1880Warracknabeal, Vic I99350
23 Chivell, Florence  1905Warracknabeal, Vic I106714
24 Chivell, Ivor John  1908Warracknabeal, Vic I106715
25 Chivell, Mavis Mary  1903Warracknabeal, Vic I106713
26 Disher, Hector James  1891Warracknabeal, Vic I12427
27 Disher, Walter Frederick  1893Warracknabeal, Vic I12428
28 Dunne, Richard Archibald  10 Oct 1913Warracknabeal, Vic I113531
29 Everett, Arthur George  1909Warracknabeal, Vic I106712
30 Everett, Eleanor Irene  1901Warracknabeal, Vic I106706
31 Everett, Eva Grace  1896Warracknabeal, Vic I106704
32 Everett, Gertrude Pearl  1898Warracknabeal, Vic I106705
33 Everett, Hazel Annie  1906Warracknabeal, Vic I106711
34 Everett, Peter Cameron  1904Warracknabeal, Vic I106710
35 Hallam, John Henry  1897Warracknabeal, Vic I28372


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baker, Elva Dorothy Violet  Mar 1938Warracknabeal, Vic I12562
2 Cameron  1920Warracknabeal, Vic I91962
3 Cameron, Angus  10 Jul 1929Warracknabeal, Vic I12408
4 Cameron, Archibald  24 Oct 1928Warracknabeal, Vic I12556
5 Cameron, Dorothy Gwen  16 Oct 2013Warracknabeal, Vic I60748
6 Cameron, Elizabeth Jane  30 Oct 1914Warracknabeal, Vic I91950
7 Cameron, Ethel Christina  1974Warracknabeal, Vic I12559
8 Cameron, Ewen  29 Jan 1939Warracknabeal, Vic I60695
9 Cameron, George Muir  14 Oct 1909Warracknabeal, Vic I81496
10 Cameron, Hugh  6 Jun 1916Warracknabeal, Vic I99384
11 Cameron, Jane  10 Nov 1920Warracknabeal, Vic I12568
12 Cameron, John William  27 May 1956Warracknabeal, Vic I91955
13 Cameron, Margaret  31 Aug 1930Warracknabeal, Vic I12577
14 Cameron, Margaret Christina Ann  7 Oct 1963Warracknabeal, Vic I12410
15 Cameron, Margaret Florence  19 Aug 1919Warracknabeal, Vic I12571
16 Cameron, Pearl Alydia Loveday  1894Warracknabeal, Vic I60941
17 Cameron, Robert Aubrey Alexander  13 Jul 1976Warracknabeal, Vic I60746
18 Cameron, William  1882Warracknabeal, Vic I99350
19 Cameron, William  1901Warracknabeal, Vic I99341
20 Cameron, William Hugh  15 May 1972Warracknabeal, Vic I29531
21 Chivell, Florence  1981Warracknabeal, Vic I106714
22 Disher, Hector James  1892Warracknabeal, Vic I12427
23 Everett, Peter Cameron  1906Warracknabeal, Vic I106710
24 Matheson, Allan Murray  1975Warracknabeal, Vic I108466
25 Matheson, Isabella McLennan  1951Warracknabeal, Vic I108464
26 McLachlan, Archibald Duncan  29 Jan 1904Warracknabeal, Vic I96754
27 McLeod, Duncan  1926Warracknabeal, Vic I5494
28 McNaughton, Christina  1904Warracknabeal, Vic I99342
29 McRae, Allan John Hugh  21 Feb 1935Warracknabeal, Vic I94783
30 Pullen, Thomas Berton  1923Warracknabeal, Vic I119809
31 Schimlick, Lucinda Louisa  8 Jun 1917Warracknabeal, Vic I12557
32 Smith, Margaret  26 Jun 1954Warracknabeal, Vic I60696
33 Weir, Millicent May  25 Mar 1940Warracknabeal, Vic I99360


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Baker, Ronald Cameron  Warracknabeal, Vic I12563
2 Cameron, Agnes Isabella  Warracknabeal, Vic I60697
3 Cameron, Agnes Isabella  Warracknabeal, Vic I60934
4 Cameron, Angus  Warracknabeal, Vic I12408
5 Cameron, Archibald  26 Oct 1928Warracknabeal, Vic I12556
6 Cameron, Christina  30 Jul 1885Warracknabeal, Vic I99353
7 Cameron, Christina Jessie  Warracknabeal, Vic I100652
8 Cameron, Elizabeth Jane  Warracknabeal, Vic I91950
9 Cameron, Ewen  Warracknabeal, Vic I60695
10 Cameron, Farquhar  Warracknabeal, Vic I12407
11 Cameron, George Muir  Warracknabeal, Vic I81496
12 Cameron, Hugh  Warracknabeal, Vic I12544
13 Cameron, Hugh  Warracknabeal, Vic I99384
14 Cameron, Jane  Warracknabeal, Vic I12568
15 Cameron, Jane  Warracknabeal, Vic I12575
16 Cameron, John  Warracknabeal, Vic I60686
17 Cameron, John William  Warracknabeal, Vic I91955
18 Cameron, Kenneth  Warracknabeal, Vic I60932
19 Cameron, Kenneth McLennan  Warracknabeal, Vic I12411
20 Cameron, Margaret  1 Sep 1930Warracknabeal, Vic I12577
21 Cameron, Margaret Christina Ann  Warracknabeal, Vic I12410
22 Cameron, Margaret Florence  Warracknabeal, Vic I12571
23 Cameron, Mary Victoria  Warracknabeal, Vic I60789
24 Cameron, Pearl Alydia Loveday  15 Mar 1894Warracknabeal, Vic I60941
25 Cameron, Peter  Warracknabeal, Vic I12574
26 Cameron, Peter Robin  Warracknabeal, Vic I60768
27 Cameron, William  12 Aug 1882Warracknabeal, Vic I99350
28 Cameron, William  26 Jul 1901Warracknabeal, Vic I99341
29 Cameron, William Hugh  Warracknabeal, Vic I29531
30 Culvenor, Eliza Mabel  Warracknabeal, Vic I100653
31 Ellis, Isabella Marie  7 Sep 1929Warracknabeal, Vic I99392
32 Jackson, Nellie Louise  Warracknabeal, Vic I12409
33 Matheson, Kenneth  Warracknabeal, Vic I70283
34 McDiarmid, Christina  Warracknabeal, Vic I12545
35 McLennan, Isabella  Warracknabeal, Vic I12406
36 McNaughton, Christina  6 Apr 1904Warracknabeal, Vic I99342
37 Millar, Elizabeth Jane  Warracknabeal, Vic I81497
38 Schimlick, Lucinda Louisa  Warracknabeal, Vic I12557
39 Smith, Jane Reynolds  Warracknabeal, Vic I60933
40 Smith, Margaret  Warracknabeal, Vic I60696
41 Symes, Gladys Evelyn  Warracknabeal, Vic I60747


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Banfield / Cameron  15 Apr 1922Warracknabeal, Vic F18851
2 Box / Cameron  27 Dec 1893Warracknabeal, Vic F28318
3 Campbell / Cameron  29 Sep 1915Warracknabeal, Vic F31801
4 Dunne / Cameron  1 Jan 1913Warracknabeal, Vic F31802
5 Matheson / Cameron  1902Warracknabeal, Vic F21818
6 McKinnon / Cameron  3 Feb 1940Warracknabeal, Vic F32003
7 Overend / Cresp  26 Aug 1909Warracknabeal, Vic F35077

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