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Wagga Wagga, NSW



Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brentnall, Amy Isabella  1913Wagga Wagga, NSW I97438
2 Brentnall, Doris L.  1917Wagga Wagga, NSW I97440
3 Brentnall, Leslie James  16 Oct 1914Wagga Wagga, NSW I97436
4 Brentnall, Walter William Auldred  18 Jun 1883Wagga Wagga, NSW I97435
5 Brentnall, William Walter  1911Wagga Wagga, NSW I97437
6 Cameron, Angus  1872Wagga Wagga, NSW I84521
7 Cameron, Dorothy Louisa  1910Wagga Wagga, NSW I81493
8 Cameron, Duncan Stuart  1874Wagga Wagga, NSW I84522
9 Cameron, Ewen Stewart  21 Oct 1894Wagga Wagga, NSW I32596
10 Cameron, Ian George  4 May 1918Wagga Wagga, NSW I34093
11 Cameron, Lenley Arthur Knox  26 May 1899Wagga Wagga, NSW I72535
12 Cameron, Margaret  1876Wagga Wagga, NSW I45224
13 Cameron, Mary  1876Wagga Wagga, NSW I84523
14 Cameron, Mary McNaughton  1878Wagga Wagga, NSW I34090
15 Cameron, Neil George  1901Wagga Wagga, NSW I114718
16 Campbell, Jessie Ballantyne  1918Wagga Wagga, NSW I91188
17 Campbell, Margaret Ballantyne  1916Wagga Wagga, NSW I91187
18 Campbell, Robert Balmain  18 May 1914Wagga Wagga, NSW I91186
19 Dunlop, Donald David  23 Jun 1927Wagga Wagga, NSW I109038
20 Jones, Albert John  ca 1891Wagga Wagga, NSW I112689
21 Linsell, Annie M.  1891Wagga Wagga, NSW I89771
22 Linsell, Elsie M.  1894Wagga Wagga, NSW I89768
23 Linsell, Isabella E. M.  1888Wagga Wagga, NSW I89767
24 Linsell, Jessie Elizabeth  8 Jun 1879Wagga Wagga, NSW I89763
25 Linsell, John William  1881Wagga Wagga, NSW I89764
26 Linsell, Murdoch Angus  1883Wagga Wagga, NSW I89765
27 Linsell, Thomas A. J. B.  1898Wagga Wagga, NSW I89769
28 McGregor, Elizabeth Ann  1870Wagga Wagga, NSW I4714
29 McKenzie, Marcella Florence  1894Wagga Wagga, NSW I54158
30 McPherson, Jessie  1875Wagga Wagga, NSW I97571
31 McVean, Lindsay William  27 Jan 1916Wagga Wagga, NSW I91163
32 Menz, Emily Louise  1887Wagga Wagga, NSW I81492
33 Morton, Matthew James  18 May 1975Wagga Wagga, NSW I93290
34 Morton, Olive Grace  1918Wagga Wagga, NSW I93660
35 Singleton, Gerald T. T.  1899Wagga Wagga, NSW I105460
36 Waugh, William Angus  17 Sep 1862Wagga Wagga, NSW I48712
37 Whitford, Daisy  1890Wagga Wagga, NSW I34092


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Dorothy Louisa  24 Feb 1910Wagga Wagga, NSW I81493
2 Cameron, Violet Emily  11 Dec 1911Wagga Wagga, NSW I81234


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ballantyne, Jessie Davina  16 Jul 1918Wagga Wagga, NSW I91126
2 Bowman, Gladys May  30 Mar 2005Wagga Wagga, NSW I100450
3 Bradford, Kathleen Gertrude  23 Jul 1903Wagga Wagga, NSW I89303
4 Brentnall, Amy Isabella  Wagga Wagga, NSW I97438
5 Brentnall, Epsie Jean  1939Wagga Wagga, NSW I97441
6 Cady, Isabel Bessie  20 Mar 1951Wagga Wagga, NSW I11869
7 Cameron, Donald  12 Jun 1914Wagga Wagga, NSW I32588
8 Cameron, Donald Charles  12 Dec 1974Wagga Wagga, NSW I28209
9 Cameron, Duncan  6 Dec 1901Wagga Wagga, NSW I28199
10 Cameron, Duncan  21 Jan 1937Wagga Wagga, NSW I34089
11 Cameron, Eileen Mary  7 Jan 2012Wagga Wagga, NSW I909
12 Cameron, Frederick Ernest  29 Nov 1925Wagga Wagga, NSW I79045
13 Cameron, George  21 Feb 1953Wagga Wagga, NSW I42465
14 Cameron, George James  16 Jun 1919Wagga Wagga, NSW I96714
15 Cameron, Ian George  27 May 2006Wagga Wagga, NSW I34093
16 Cameron, Isobel Doreen  8 Nov 1974Wagga Wagga, NSW I39936
17 Cameron, John Hamilton  28 Mar 1938Wagga Wagga, NSW I34091
18 Cameron, Kenneth John  26 Aug 1979Wagga Wagga, NSW I59413
19 Cameron, Mary Ann  15 May 1928Wagga Wagga, NSW I54144
20 Cameron, Mary McNaughton  28 Nov 1948Wagga Wagga, NSW I34090
21 Cameron, Roy Alexander  9 Mar 1937Wagga Wagga, NSW I85790
22 Cameron, Sarah Ann  28 Feb 1925Wagga Wagga, NSW I108637
23 Cameron, Sophia Katherine  1967Wagga Wagga, NSW I53507
24 Cameron, Thomas  16 Oct 1937Wagga Wagga, NSW I32432
25 Cameron, Thomas Charles  14 Jun 1940Wagga Wagga, NSW I96717
26 Cameron, William Elias  Oct 1932Wagga Wagga, NSW I105746
27 Fox, Noel Terence Hillary  26 Jun 1986Wagga Wagga, NSW I98903
28 Gordon, Una  16 Aug 1988Wagga Wagga, NSW I101366
29 Hallam, Catherine Gertrude  2000Wagga Wagga, NSW I28375
30 Hallam, Leila Christina  1986Wagga Wagga, NSW I28374
31 Linsell, Epsie Jane  5 Nov 1962Wagga Wagga, NSW I89766
32 McDonald, Alexander  1 Oct 1873Wagga Wagga, NSW I86454
33 McKenzie, Isabella Ann  15 Sep 1940Wagga Wagga, NSW I52873
34 McVean, Alexander  16 Feb 1926Wagga Wagga, NSW I91107
35 Morton, William  1917Wagga Wagga, NSW I93659
36 Rial, Kathleen Jessamine  4 Apr 2010Wagga Wagga, NSW I101391
37 Stewart, Janet  5 Jun 1912Wagga Wagga, NSW I32589
38 Symes, Ethel  27 Jan 1937Wagga Wagga, NSW I11735
39 Thompson, Eliza Ann  27 Aug 1936Wagga Wagga, NSW I119840
40 Watson, Affia  25 Jul 1964Wagga Wagga, NSW I32433
41 Waugh, William Angus  13 Jun 1938Wagga Wagga, NSW I48712
42 Whitford, Daisy  28 Feb 1955Wagga Wagga, NSW I34092


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Barrett, Catherine  Wagga Wagga, NSW I42466
2 Burge, May Victoria  Wagga Wagga, NSW I65114
3 Cameron, Ewen  Wagga Wagga, NSW I32611
4 Cameron, Ewen Francis  Wagga Wagga, NSW I60961
5 Cameron, Francis Alexander  Wagga Wagga, NSW I65113
6 Cameron, George  Wagga Wagga, NSW I42465
7 Cameron, James Graham  Wagga Wagga, NSW I64551
8 McDonald, Catherine  Wagga Wagga, NSW I11131
9 Stewart, Clare Hannah  Wagga Wagga, NSW I32437


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brentnall / Linsell  15 Jun 1910Wagga Wagga, NSW F29934
2 Bye / McVean  1925Wagga Wagga, NSW F27923
3 Cameron / Allan  1940Wagga Wagga, NSW F36395
4 Cameron / Belford  17 Jan 1911Wagga Wagga, NSW F24852
5 Cameron / Castle  1937Wagga Wagga, NSW F3636
6 Cameron / Hearn  28 Jul 1884Wagga Wagga, NSW F28236
7 Cameron / Menz  31 Mar 1909Wagga Wagga, NSW F24934
8 Cameron / Thompson  1917Wagga Wagga, NSW F37287
9 Campbell / McVean  1911Wagga Wagga, NSW F27931
10 Dicks / McKenzie  27 Sep 1911Wagga Wagga, NSW F16751
11 Gall / Cameron  1926Wagga Wagga, NSW F12978
12 Hain / Thomas  1943Wagga Wagga, NSW F26017
13 Hillam / Cameron  19 Jul 1916Wagga Wagga, NSW F30257
14 Landon / Fitzgerald  1910Wagga Wagga, NSW F33234
15 Linsell / McKenzie  17 Jun 1878Wagga Wagga, NSW F27471
16 Macrae / Cameron  21 Apr 1926Wagga Wagga, NSW F10619
17 Makeham / McIntyre  1921Wagga Wagga, NSW F10240
18 McIntyre / Ingram  1925Wagga Wagga, NSW F10222
19 McIntyre / McIntyre  1923Wagga Wagga, NSW F10238
20 McIntyre / Smith  1928Wagga Wagga, NSW F10247
21 McVean / Bromham  1925Wagga Wagga, NSW F27922
22 Morison / Cameron  1944Wagga Wagga, NSW F36393
23 Morton / Norris  1946Wagga Wagga, NSW F28705
24 Pollock / Cameron  1937Wagga Wagga, NSW F3633
25 Renfrey / Turvey  2 Mar 1907Wagga Wagga, NSW F9390
26 Russell / Cameron  16 Aug 1911Wagga Wagga, NSW F32619
27 Whitford / Cameron  1889Wagga Wagga, NSW F29976

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