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St Leonards, NSW



Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baillie, Allan Raymond  22 Dec 1913St Leonards, NSW I70747
2 Baillie, Gavin Richmond  14 Jun 1909St Leonards, NSW I70746
3 Baillie, Jack Woodley  28 Feb 1905St Leonards, NSW I70745
4 Ball, Eve Rebecca  1893St Leonards, NSW I94743
5 Bundy, Dean James  28 Feb 1967St Leonards, NSW I90592
6 Callaghan, Thomas Cameron  1884St Leonards, NSW I5874
7 Cameron, Agnes Theresa  1884St Leonards, NSW I86927
8 Cameron, Allan Fraser  1902St Leonards, NSW I108352
9 Cameron, Charlotte Reid  1893St Leonards, NSW I113590
10 Cameron, Enid Margaret  18 Feb 1903St Leonards, NSW I36458
11 Cameron, Ethel J.  1886St Leonards, NSW I113587
12 Cameron, Ewen Wallace Richard  8 Sep 1905St Leonards, NSW I36462
13 Cameron, Helen J.  1888St Leonards, NSW I113588
14 Cameron, Jean  1909St Leonards, NSW I123205
15 Cameron, John William  10 Dec1898St Leonards, NSW I81912
16 Cameron, Margaret J.  1896St Leonards, NSW I113591
17 Cameron, Ruby May  1887St Leonards, NSW I115107
18 Cameron, Susan Ann  1890St Leonards, NSW I113589
19 Cameron, Willie  1907St Leonards, NSW I123204
20 Cameron-Smith, Aldred  1917St Leonards, NSW I20933
21 Davies, Frederick William  1904St Leonards, NSW I22189
22 Duff, Nancy Boscawen  1903St Leonards, NSW I61591
23 Fletcher, Donald  18 Jan 1917St Leonards, NSW I23795
24 Fraser, Eleanor Mary  10 Oct 1913St Leonards, NSW I9306
25 Holt, Sophia Arthursleigh  1883St Leonards, NSW I36432
26 Jones, Zayda Lorraine  9 Oct 1921St Leonards, NSW I95495
27 Kelf, Joseph Willoughby  1871St Leonards, NSW I111154
28 Lawrie, Jessie  1892St Leonards, NSW I23273
29 Le Marchant, Helena  1884St Leonards, NSW I117004
30 Morison, James M.  1905St Leonards, NSW I70337
31 Morison, John Cameron R.  1906St Leonards, NSW I70338
32 Oliver, Herbert P.  1904St Leonards, NSW I123698
33 Porter, Mary Angela  1902St Leonards, NSW I21701
34 Reid, Clara Margaret Cameron  1888St Leonards, NSW I116976
35 Rowe, Alan C.  1910St Leonards, NSW I63407
36 Rowe, Gwladys C.  1913St Leonards, NSW I63406
37 Small, Arthur Geoffrey  1908St Leonards, NSW I63403
38 Sparks, Cedric A.  1912St Leonards, NSW I63410
39 Sparks, Emmie France Gordon  1885St Leonards, NSW I63404
40 Sparks, George Cameron  1907St Leonards, NSW I110652
41 Townsend, Charles Edward Percival  26 Feb 1885St Leonards, NSW I52788
42 Wallace, Malcolm James Douglas Crawford  11 Mar 1883St Leonards, NSW I100407


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arrell, Henriette Isabel S.  1970St Leonards, NSW I23319
2 Baillie, William Weir  1966St Leonards, NSW I7795
3 Batty, Edith Sophia  1966St Leonards, NSW I111299
4 Bennett, Sydney William George  1 Mar 1969St Leonards, NSW I124171
5 Borthwick, Doreen  1966St Leonards, NSW I96174
6 Cameron, Alexander  18 Jul 1890St Leonards, NSW I10509
7 Cameron, Arthur Albert  1971St Leonards, NSW I84528
8 Cameron, Bernard Mackenzie  1973St Leonards, NSW I36474
9 Cameron, Charles  19 Oct 1891St Leonards, NSW I101484
10 Cameron, Christina Janet  1968St Leonards, NSW I57152
11 Cameron, Clyde Antill  26 Feb 1964St Leonards, NSW I78683
12 Cameron, Donald James  1970St Leonards, NSW I114374
13 Cameron, Donald Lewis  1970St Leonards, NSW I9148
14 Cameron, Dorothea Dawn  1966St Leonards, NSW I118507
15 Cameron, Dorothy  1970St Leonards, NSW I36470
16 Cameron, Duncan  1967St Leonards, NSW I123249
17 Cameron, Elsie Muriel  1967St Leonards, NSW I9304
18 Cameron, Frances Mary Lovett  1966St Leonards, NSW I12726
19 Cameron, Grant Howard  1964St Leonards, NSW I118485
20 Cameron, Hazel Dulcie  1971St Leonards, NSW I25589
21 Cameron, Hugh Kinlock  1973St Leonards, NSW I79636
22 Cameron, Imogene Margaret  6 Dec 1914St Leonards, NSW I29997
23 Cameron, Ivan William  19 Apr 1970St Leonards, NSW I110926
24 Cameron, Jessie Daphne  24 Apr 1919St Leonards, NSW I91680
25 Cameron, John Cawker  1969St Leonards, NSW I95725
26 Cameron, Lilian Ann  1970St Leonards, NSW I42298
27 Cameron, Lyal Albert  27 Sep 1966St Leonards, NSW I37106
28 Cameron, Malcolm Alexander  13 Oct 1968St Leonards, NSW I97724
29 Cameron, Margaret B.  Aug 1912St Leonards, NSW I62700
30 Cameron, Marjory Alice  15 Jul 1919St Leonards, NSW I97378
31 Cameron, Mary Eleanor  1968St Leonards, NSW I29998
32 Cameron, Veronica  1969St Leonards, NSW I30003
33 Cameron, William Bruce  17 Dec 1948St Leonards, NSW I26763
34 Cameron, William Joseph  1972St Leonards, NSW I81174
35 Cameron, Willie  1907St Leonards, NSW I123204
36 Canning, Veronica Maree  1968St Leonards, NSW I38285
37 Chaseling, May Belle  Apr 1998St Leonards, NSW I109047
38 Clements, William Ernest  25 May 1968St Leonards, NSW I20939
39 Craddock, Marjorie Jean  1965St Leonards, NSW I98179
40 Davies, Frederick William  1969St Leonards, NSW I22189
41 Douch, Wilbrum Oscar  1969St Leonards, NSW I108082
42 Dougherty, Margaret Joan  24 Apr 1941St Leonards, NSW I108219
43 Drew, Emily  1967St Leonards, NSW I99462
44 Erwin, Jack Robert  1967St Leonards, NSW I107741
45 Graham, Dennis Delaney  1972St Leonards, NSW I30046
46 Harnett, Reginald Finlay  6 Aug 1968St Leonards, NSW I82762
47 Hillman, Florence Kate  11 Aug 1942St Leonards, NSW I117376
48 Holt, Silva May  1916St Leonards, NSW I36433
49 Horning, John William  1875St Leonards, NSW I62701
50 Hume, George  1919St Leonards, NSW I86497

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Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Baillie / Woodley  1904St Leonards, NSW F21972
2 Bathgate / McGauley  1915St Leonards, NSW F8658
3 Cameron / Alderton  15 May 1883St Leonards, NSW F33875
4 Cameron / Balzen  1920St Leonards, NSW F38442
5 Cameron / Byerlee  18 Sep 1916St Leonards, NSW F27046
6 Cameron / Mason  10 Oct 1923St Leonards, NSW F36525
7 Cameron / O'Connor  1920St Leonards, NSW F29788
8 Carmody / MacDonald  1921St Leonards, NSW F26699
9 Chivers / Taylor  1915St Leonards, NSW F16515
10 Downie / Holt  1902St Leonards, NSW F29452
11 Gegg / Stuart  1900St Leonards, NSW F34433
12 Hunt / Cameron  1922St Leonards, NSW F26663
13 Kibblewhite / Stuart  1910St Leonards, NSW F34437
14 Lamb / Canning  1915St Leonards, NSW F11915
15 McCarthy / Lamb  27 Apr 1918St Leonards, NSW F11919
16 McCartney / Collier  1922St Leonards, NSW F28084
17 McCartney / Moore  1916St Leonards, NSW F28083
18 McLure / Shade  27 Jan 1917St Leonards, NSW F7211
19 McVean / Dawes  27 Dec 1893St Leonards, NSW F26639
20 Moorhead / Stodart  1923St Leonards, NSW F37462
21 Morris / Campbell  1921St Leonards, NSW F26683
22 Packenham / Cameron  1911St Leonards, NSW F38434
23 Ross / Waugh  1921St Leonards, NSW F14979
24 Slater / Cameron  1919St Leonards, NSW F14358
25 Snodgrass / Cox  1908St Leonards, NSW F34252
26 Sparks / Mackenzie  1907St Leonards, NSW F34121
27 Sue / Cameron  1903St Leonards, NSW F9464
28 White / Cameron  1919St Leonards, NSW F36373
29 White / Newell  1898St Leonards, NSW F6264

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