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Narrabri, NSW



Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Booth, Ires E.  1908Narrabri, NSW I95992
2 Cameron, Alexander Logan  29 Jun 1931Narrabri, NSW I107074
3 Cameron, Alick Edward  1895Narrabri, NSW I109858
4 Cameron, Andrew Hugh Norman  3 Jan 1916Narrabri, NSW I100100
5 Cameron, Angus Robert  12 Oct 1898Narrabri, NSW I25896
6 Cameron, Annie  1900Narrabri, NSW I109860
7 Cameron, Annie M.  1895Narrabri, NSW I100064
8 Cameron, Arthur Albert  1909Narrabri, NSW I84528
9 Cameron, Edward L.  1877Narrabri, NSW I81818
10 Cameron, Elizabeth  7 Sep 1911Narrabri, NSW I3849
11 Cameron, Florence May  1876Narrabri, NSW I81817
12 Cameron, Gavin Ewen Frazer  4 Jun 1909Narrabri, NSW I100096
13 Cameron, Gladys Margaret  1 May 1908Narrabri, NSW I100095
14 Cameron, Jean Ilma  1908Narrabri, NSW I25566
15 Cameron, Jean Isabelle  22 Jun 1912Narrabri, NSW I100098
16 Cameron, Jean MacDonald  29 Jan 1931Narrabri, NSW I106952
17 Cameron, Jessie Ann  18 Feb 1911Narrabri, NSW I100097
18 Cameron, Jessie M.  1906Narrabri, NSW I25560
19 Cameron, Joan MacDonald  21 Jul 1928Narrabri, NSW I106951
20 Cameron, Mary Gertrude  ca 1912Narrabri, NSW I123706
21 Cameron, May  1903Narrabri, NSW I109861
22 Cameron, Olive Jane Harriett  2 Oct 1906Narrabri, NSW I100094
23 Cameron, Patsy MacDonald  19 Apr 1930Narrabri, NSW I97359
24 Cameron, Pearlie S.  1906Narrabri, NSW I109862
25 Cameron, Dr Robyn Elizabeth  27 Oct 1943Narrabri, NSW I25939
26 Cameron, Stewart Alexander  8 Aug 1927Narrabri, NSW I106904
27 Colclough, Mary A.  1911Narrabri, NSW I96093
28 Donnelly, Edward Francis  1909Narrabri, NSW I120873
29 Duncan, James F.  1907Narrabri, NSW I96088
30 Duncan, James Francis  1883Narrabri, NSW I96086
31 Duncan, Mena K.  1916Narrabri, NSW I96090
32 Duncan, Rita Mary  1906Narrabri, NSW I96087
33 Duncan, Thelma Margaret  1910Narrabri, NSW I96089
34 Gordon, Henry Amos  24 Aug 1883Narrabri, NSW I68435
35 Hunt  1876Narrabri, NSW I82801
36 Illingworth, Hylton  28 Oct 1904Narrabri, NSW I84710
37 Lillyman, Ada  1881Narrabri, NSW I71112
38 Lillyman, Ethel Caroline  1878Narrabri, NSW I98770
39 McGrath, Geoffrey Flanders  13 Aug 1913Narrabri, NSW I23814
40 McNamara  1941Narrabri, NSW I96095
41 Parker, Albert Henry  1909Narrabri, NSW I96091
42 Potts, Edmund Fletcher  27 Feb 1895Narrabri, NSW I22850
43 Potts, Murray Paterson  7 May 1897Narrabri, NSW I22851
44 Searles, Harold James  ca 1908Narrabri, NSW I123709
45 Underwood, Jessie Agnes  1909Narrabri, NSW I26000
46 Wilde, Charles George  1884Narrabri, NSW I96082
47 Wilde, Frederick Arthur  1885Narrabri, NSW I22045
48 Wilde, Gladys B.  1897Narrabri, NSW I96085


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Borthwick, Jean Fletcher  3 Oct 1934Narrabri, NSW I22844
2 Boyle, Eva Dorothy  8 Aug 1984Narrabri, NSW I25635
3 Cameron, Albert Duncan  27 Jun 1915Narrabri, NSW I25633
4 Cameron, Alexander Logan  4 Feb 1990Narrabri, NSW I107074
5 Cameron, Alick Edward  4 Dec 1968Narrabri, NSW I109858
6 Cameron, Archie George  4 Jan 1967Narrabri, NSW I3832
7 Cameron, Colin  16 Apr 1961Narrabri, NSW I3842
8 Cameron, Donella June  2010Narrabri, NSW I99433
9 Cameron, Edward  1944Narrabri, NSW I109856
10 Cameron, Eva Agnes  15 Jan 1984Narrabri, NSW I25764
11 Cameron, Hector McDonald  10 Jul 1988Narrabri, NSW I3835
12 Cameron, James  8 Jan 1926Narrabri, NSW I25558
13 Cameron, James Carroll  1943Narrabri, NSW I123704
14 Cameron, James William Considine  1919Narrabri, NSW I22213
15 Cameron, John Donald  5 Apr 1924Narrabri, NSW I3834
16 Cameron, Patsy MacDonald  18 Mar 1977Narrabri, NSW I97359
17 Campbell, Benjamin B.  1912Narrabri, NSW I112071
18 George, Martha  13 May 1958Narrabri, NSW I25559
19 Gordon, Walter William James  21 Jul 1934Narrabri, NSW I68430
20 Gordon, William Henry  6 Jan 1934Narrabri, NSW I68421
21 Hays, Anthony  1955Narrabri, NSW I25706
22 MacPherson, William A.  1873Narrabri, NSW I96126
23 Madden, Daphne June  17 Oct 1969Narrabri, NSW I118259
24 Maher, Mary Grace  1 Dec 2001Narrabri, NSW I25568
25 McKenzie, Allan  1918Narrabri, NSW I105659
26 McKenzie, Annabella  1879Narrabri, NSW I87098
27 McKenzie, Catherine  1887Narrabri, NSW I87092
28 Moss, Arthur  12 Apr 2005Narrabri, NSW I107017
29 O'Sullivan, Mary  15 Jul 1991Narrabri, NSW I112297
30 Parker, Albert Henry  1964Narrabri, NSW I96091
31 Parker, Peter Lawrence  1940Narrabri, NSW I96092
32 Perry, Lawrence William Parker  10 Mar 1991Narrabri, NSW I25570
33 Underwood, Jessie Agnes  30 Sep 2004Narrabri, NSW I26000
34 Wilkinson, Martha  11 Aug 1924Narrabri, NSW I3831


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Albert Bruce  Narrabri, NSW I25653
2 Cameron, Albert Duncan  Narrabri, NSW I25633
3 Cameron, Alexander  Narrabri, NSW I3830
4 Cameron, Alexander Hunter  Narrabri, NSW I3839
5 Cameron, Alick Edward  Narrabri, NSW I109858
6 Cameron, Colin  Narrabri, NSW I3842
7 Cameron, Colin James  Narrabri, NSW I25739
8 Cameron, Hector McDonald  Narrabri, NSW I3835
9 Cameron, Jean Ilma  Narrabri, NSW I25566
10 Cameron, John  Narrabri, NSW I3841
11 Cameron, John Donald  Narrabri, NSW I3834
12 Cameron, John Duncan Lindsay  Narrabri, NSW I25636
13 Cameron, Patsy MacDonald  Narrabri, NSW I97359
14 Cameron, Rex James Duncan  Narrabri, NSW I25754
15 Cameron, Rupert Leslie Donald  Narrabri, NSW I25644
16 Davis, Emily  Narrabri, NSW I109857
17 Gordon, William Henry  Narrabri, NSW I68421
18 Hunt, Janet Evelyn  Narrabri, NSW I3836
19 Hunt, Ruby Kathleen  Narrabri, NSW I25678
20 Kelton, Jennette Nereida  Narrabri, NSW I3840
21 Logan, Heather Augusta  Narrabri, NSW I3843
22 Vincent, Rita Isobel  Narrabri, NSW I25803
23 Wilkinson, Martha  Narrabri, NSW I3831


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cameron / Buckman  1910Narrabri, NSW F38687
2 Cameron / Davis  1895Narrabri, NSW F33874
3 Cameron / Foxe  1943Narrabri, NSW F38582
4 Cameron / Holcombe  1949Narrabri, NSW F7907
5 Cameron / Hunt  27 Sep 1927Narrabri, NSW F1297
6 Cameron / Logan  23 Mar 1929Narrabri, NSW F1300
7 Cameron / Shorter  1958Narrabri, NSW F7904
8 Charters / Cameron  1909Narrabri, NSW F7892
9 Duncan / Wilde  1903Narrabri, NSW F29484
10 Fletcher / Kennedy  1935Narrabri, NSW F12316
11 Gordon / Burrell  25 Oct 1911Narrabri, NSW F21265
12 Gordon / Cuell  2 Jul 1900Narrabri, NSW F21263
13 Gordon / Pickup  1911Narrabri, NSW F21970
14 Gordon / Schwager  26 Nov 1900Narrabri, NSW F21262
15 Grace / Cameron  1903Narrabri, NSW F36307
16 Johnston / Borthwick  1893Narrabri, NSW F29525
17 McDouall / Cameron  12 Oct 1933Narrabri, NSW F1303
18 McNamara / Duncan  1930Narrabri, NSW F29487
19 Mills / Cameron  1948Narrabri, NSW F32963
20 Mills / O'Sullivan  1928Narrabri, NSW F34670
21 Parker / Duncan  1927Narrabri, NSW F29485
22 Trayhurn / Palmer  1901Narrabri, NSW F8493
23 Whitton / Gordon  29 Apr 1875Narrabri, NSW F28734

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