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Mildura, Vic



Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Alexander Kenneth  1909Mildura, Vic I115339
2 Cameron, Archibald Alfred  1917Mildura, Vic I121726
3 Cameron, Catherine Annie  1902Mildura, Vic I121718
4 Cameron, Edward Henry Prideaux  1909Mildura, Vic I119816
5 Cameron, Estella Regina  ca 1912Mildura, Vic I119818
6 Cameron, Ethel May  14 Feb 1899Mildura, Vic I121716
7 Cameron, Flora Isabella  1912Mildura, Vic I121725
8 Cameron, Francis Claude Philip  1905Mildura, Vic I119815
9 Cameron, Jean Douglas  1910Mildura, Vic I116378
10 Cameron, John Edward  1910Mildura, Vic I119817
11 Cameron, Keith Andrew  25 Dec 1922Mildura, Vic I8174
12 Cameron, Kevin Francis Xavier  3 Dec 1925Mildura, Vic I8175
13 Cameron, Myrtle Ivy  1900Mildura, Vic I121717
14 Cameron, Roy  1909Mildura, Vic I121723
15 Cameron, Thelma Jean  1920Mildura, Vic I121727
16 Cameron, Walter Roy  1910Mildura, Vic I121724
17 Hoobin, Mary Veronica Isabel  1906Mildura, Vic I116356
18 Hoobin, William Lawrence  1904Mildura, Vic I116355
19 Hope, Evan Cameron  27 Apr 1922Mildura, Vic I83247
20 McEachern, Clarence Whitney  1901Mildura, Vic I81453
21 McEachern, Flora Ina  1906Mildura, Vic I81455
22 McEachern, Laura Isabella  1904Mildura, Vic I81454


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bankier, Ann Cupple Stewart  29 May 1922Mildura, Vic I83245
2 Boots, Susanna  1948Mildura, Vic I121715
3 Cameron, Alan Baden Charles  12 Aug 1944Mildura, Vic I29535
4 Cameron, Archibald  1934Mildura, Vic I122444
5 Cameron, Archibald  1942Mildura, Vic I59636
6 Cameron, Campbell Duncan  1968Mildura, Vic I105753
7 Cameron, Charles Hamilton  3 Apr 1941Mildura, Vic I81137
8 Cameron, Colin John  28 Feb 1965Mildura, Vic I47824
9 Cameron, Ewen  1961Mildura, Vic I83771
10 Cameron, Hugh  26 Apr 1929Mildura, Vic I114772
11 Cameron, James Archibald  5 Nov 1935Mildura, Vic I26700
12 Cameron, John Edward  12 Dec 1985Mildura, Vic I11637
13 Cameron, Lachlan  1921Mildura, Vic I99348
14 Cameron, Myrtle Ivy  1972Mildura, Vic I121717
15 Cameron, Nancy  19 Dec 2015Mildura, Vic I17089
16 Cameron, Ronald  5 Sep 1939Mildura, Vic I59641
17 Cameron, Roy  1909Mildura, Vic I121723
18 Cameron, Samuel William Humphrey  1948Mildura, Vic I121721
19 Carlton, Doris Iris May  Dec 1929Mildura, Vic I122561
20 Chapman, Alfred  1948Mildura, Vic I119447
21 Grace, Kathleen Walton  1933Mildura, Vic I105401
22 Hartness, Isabel Gertrude  1953Mildura, Vic I88026
23 Hopkins, Margaret Isabel  5 Sep 2008Mildura, Vic I83301


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Agnes Riddel  13 Dec 1937Mildura, Vic I26613
2 Cameron, Alan Ernest Frank  2 Feb 1970Mildura, Vic I17003
3 Cameron, George Bodey  27 Jun 1967Mildura, Vic I47866
4 Cameron, Harold  Mildura, Vic I41351
5 Cameron, James Archibald  7 Nov 1935Mildura, Vic I26700
6 Cameron, Lachlan  15 Dec 1921Mildura, Vic I99348
7 Cameron, Lawrence Francis James  Mildura, Vic I41359
8 Cameron, Lindsay George  Mildura, Vic I17181
9 Cameron, Margaret Elsie  Mildura, Vic I47837
10 Cameron, Wallace Owen  Mildura, Vic I17033
11 Davies, Agnes Hilda Florence  4 Sep 1981Mildura, Vic I17182
12 Grace, Kathleen Walton  12 Jul 1933Mildura, Vic I105401
13 Horsfall, George Thomas  Mildura, Vic I47838
14 Horsfall, Kylie Margeret  Mildura, Vic I47840
15 Lemmich, Mrs June Dorothy  28 Feb 2005Mildura, Vic I41360
16 Leng, Mary Isobel  7 Mar 1956Mildura, Vic I17004
17 Walker, Isobel Jane Gertrude  10 Jul 1969Mildura, Vic I41352


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cameron / Boots  29 Oct 1898Mildura, Vic F37926
2 Foster / Cameron  16 Mar 1932Mildura, Vic F6218
3 Maple / Giles  Mildura, Vic F24436
4 Maple / Tankard  Mildura, Vic F24438
5 Robinson / Cameron  1921Mildura, Vic F37927

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