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Kyneton, Vic



Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Begg, Arthur  1863Kyneton, Vic I97072
2 Begg, Charles  1864Kyneton, Vic I97073
3 Begg, Ellen  1868Kyneton, Vic I97075
4 Begg, Jeanie  1877Kyneton, Vic I97080
5 Cameron, Christina Johanna  1899Kyneton, Vic I116116
6 Cameron, Colin Hector Gordon  1903Kyneton, Vic I114502
7 Cameron, Emily  ca 1861Kyneton, Vic I101476
8 Cameron, Ewen John  1889Kyneton, Vic I114496
9 Cameron, Flora  1891Kyneton, Vic I114497
10 Cameron, Heather Daphne  21 May 1920Kyneton, Vic I47579
11 Cameron, Johanna  ca 1858Kyneton, Vic I98517
12 Cameron, John  1862Kyneton, Vic I102726
13 Cameron, John  8 May 1889Kyneton, Vic I11774
14 Cameron, Margaret  1873Kyneton, Vic I115991
15 Cameron, Samuel  ca 1855Kyneton, Vic I79034
16 Cameron, Violet Annie  1892Kyneton, Vic I114498
17 Cameron, William  ca 1869Kyneton, Vic I94620
18 Cameron, Wynsome Valetta  11 Aug 1924Kyneton, Vic I47584
19 Douglas, Alexander Hugh  1873Kyneton, Vic I54504
20 Douglas, Annie  1871Kyneton, Vic I54497
21 Douglas, Jessie Robina  1875Kyneton, Vic I54505
22 Douglas, Margaret Louisa  1869Kyneton, Vic I54495
23 Douglas, William  1867Kyneton, Vic I54494
24 Forbes, Aneas Oliver  1884Kyneton, Vic I98538
25 Forbes, Angus John  1878Kyneton, Vic I98534
26 Forbes, Catherine Margaret  1875Kyneton, Vic I98532
27 Forbes, Clarence Victor  1892Kyneton, Vic I98541
28 Forbes, Duncan William  1879Kyneton, Vic I98535
29 Forbes, Finlay Alexander  1882Kyneton, Vic I98537
30 Forbes, Jessie  1877Kyneton, Vic I98533
31 Forbes, Joan Marie Cameron  1886Kyneton, Vic I98539
32 Forbes, John  1881Kyneton, Vic I98536
33 Forbes, William Joseph  1888Kyneton, Vic I98540
34 Kennedy, Donald  31 Dec 1872Kyneton, Vic I103832
35 Kennedy, Janet  1859Kyneton, Vic I103823
36 Kennedy, Margaret  6 Jan 1867Kyneton, Vic I103830
37 Kennedy, Sarah  5 Dec 1869Kyneton, Vic I103831
38 Kilpatrick, Annie Amelia  ca 1883Kyneton, Vic I100202
39 Mathieson, Catherine  3 Apr 1880Kyneton, Vic I103835
40 McLannan, Robert  1892Kyneton, Vic I103877
41 Moorhead, John  18 Oct 1863Kyneton, Vic I60398
42 Rankin, Duncan  18 Sep 1859Kyneton, Vic I105655
43 Rankin, Mary  10 Oct 1861Kyneton, Vic I118938
44 Smith, James  1879Kyneton, Vic I97071


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Jessie Letitia  14 Oct 2002Kyneton, Vic I93345
2 Cameron, Rev. Charles Elliot  4 Sep 1943Kyneton, Vic I20635
3 Cameron, Christina  28 Dec 1952Kyneton, Vic I57228
4 Cameron, Duncan  1925Kyneton, Vic I99346
5 Cameron, George Eric  Jan 1905Kyneton, Vic I81465
6 Cameron, Mary  3 Dec 1875Kyneton, Vic I29852
7 Cameron, Norma Annabelle  1955Kyneton, Vic I116186
8 Cameron, Robert Nish  29 Jul 1871Kyneton, Vic I79005
9 Cameron, Una  26 Oct 1894Kyneton, Vic I62221
10 Clarke, Leslie Robert  12 Nov 1979Kyneton, Vic I103209
11 Crampton, George William Allen  2 Oct 1978Kyneton, Vic I87867
12 Kennedy, Alexander  1904Kyneton, Vic I29856
13 Kennedy, Archibald  20 Nov 1876Kyneton, Vic I29853
14 Kennedy, Christina  6 Jul 1944Kyneton, Vic I103833
15 Kennedy, Donald  25 Jul 1943Kyneton, Vic I103832
16 Kennedy, John Snr  15 Dec 1905Kyneton, Vic I29854
17 Kennedy, John Jnr  1912Kyneton, Vic I29890
18 Kennedy, Malcolm  1949Kyneton, Vic I103829
19 Matheson, Rebecca  15 Jan 1882Kyneton, Vic I115920
20 Mathieson, Alexander  6 May 1930Kyneton, Vic I103834
21 Mathieson, Annie  1 Mar 1920Kyneton, Vic I103841
22 Mathieson, Isabella  17 Jan 1992Kyneton, Vic I103838
23 McDonald, Honora  8 Sep 1885Kyneton, Vic I115320
24 McLean, Mary  23 Aug 1926Kyneton, Vic I11630
25 McLennan, Alexander  14 Sep 1882Kyneton, Vic I54483
26 Palliser, Jane  17 Sep 1928Kyneton, Vic I114852
27 Rankin, Duncan  1871Kyneton, Vic I105655
28 Smith, Margaret  28 Oct 1906Kyneton, Vic I29855
29 Stone, Emma Jane Annabella  22 Oct 1997Kyneton, Vic I87893
30 Turner, Katy Eleanor  5 Feb 1949Kyneton, Vic I115928


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Agnes  17 Apr 1861Kyneton, Vic I98518
2 Cameron, Angus  Kyneton, Vic I79039
3 Cameron, Rev. Charles Elliot  Kyneton, Vic I20635
4 Cameron, Elizabeth  15 Apr 1861Kyneton, Vic I98514
5 Cameron, Janet  Kyneton, Vic I98509
6 Cameron, Mary  15 Apr 1861Kyneton, Vic I98513
7 Cameron, Samuel  Kyneton, Vic I98511
8 Cameron, William  Kyneton, Vic I11613
9 McLean, Mary  Kyneton, Vic I11630


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cameron / McDonald  1 Oct 1867Kyneton, Vic F21951
2 Graeber / Cameron  Sep 1885Kyneton, Vic F38074
3 Hay / Cameron  3 Sep 1879Kyneton, Vic F30289
4 Kennedy / McCrabb  12 Aug 1886Kyneton, Vic F9211
5 Mathieson / Kennedy  23 Apr 1879Kyneton, Vic F32070
6 Turner / Kennedy  1884Kyneton, Vic F32074
7 White / Cameron  18 Dec 1856Kyneton, Vic F37980

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