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Inverell, NSW



Matches 1 to 47 of 47

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Avern, Jeanette Campbell  1917Inverell, NSW I22009
2 Baker, Eva Florance  1878Inverell, NSW I23567
3 Bentley, Ellen Adelaide  28 Sep 1894Inverell, NSW I21423
4 Bentley, Phoebe Catherine  27 Apr 1887Inverell, NSW I21228
5 Bercini, Ethel Jean  1910Inverell, NSW I80987
6 Burtenshaw, Alice Best  1873Inverell, NSW I47077
7 Cameron, Alexander Thomas  1875Inverell, NSW I30714
8 Cameron, Colin Angus  1900Inverell, NSW I97726
9 Cameron, Colin John  26 Jun 1898Inverell, NSW I47120
10 Cameron, Dugald  1886Inverell, NSW I26446
11 Cameron, Emily Isabel Pearl  22 Jun 1894Inverell, NSW I21485
12 Cameron, Ernest Albert  1891Inverell, NSW I47052
13 Cameron, Flora Lillian Isabella  1909Inverell, NSW I105518
14 Cameron, Frances Marjorie  25 Nov 1913Inverell, NSW I84971
15 Cameron, Frank Stanley  1904Inverell, NSW I47136
16 Cameron, George Whittaker  1882Inverell, NSW I78010
17 Cameron, Grace Rebecca  10 Sep 1890Inverell, NSW I47014
18 Cameron, Harold John  15 Feb 1909Inverell, NSW I84969
19 Cameron, Jack MacNaughton  23 Feb 1903Inverell, NSW I79639
20 Cameron, Jessie Margaret  15 Jul 1911Inverell, NSW I84970
21 Cameron, Linda Agnes  3 May 1917Inverell, NSW I84973
22 Cameron, Margaret Isabel  1873Inverell, NSW I117223
23 Cameron, Norman Alexander  21 Jun 1915Inverell, NSW I84972
24 Cameron, Robert Bruce  7 Oct 1922Inverell, NSW I101955
25 Cameron, Robert Duncan William  ca 1899Inverell, NSW I99474
26 Ditzell, Kathleen  1910Inverell, NSW I23572
27 Fleming, Robert  1905Inverell, NSW I23570
28 Fleming, Roy Linwood  30 Dec 1910Inverell, NSW I23571
29 Foster, Edward A.  1887Inverell, NSW I91398
30 Foster, George A.  1883Inverell, NSW I91396
31 Foster, Mary Ann  1880Inverell, NSW I91395
32 Foster, Maude E.  1885Inverell, NSW I91397
33 Frame, Herbert John  2 Jul 1890Inverell, NSW I23189
34 Golledge, Thomas Edward  1883Inverell, NSW I39256
35 Hingston, Charlotte Catherine  25 Jun 1886Inverell, NSW I46658
36 Kennedy, Colin Sinclair Anderson  6 Jul 1895Inverell, NSW I39558
37 King, Donald J.  1910Inverell, NSW I104907
38 King, Edward A.  1912Inverell, NSW I104908
39 Makim, William John  28 Jan 1915Inverell, NSW I93774
40 Nash, Basil Edward  ca 1910Inverell, NSW I123421
41 Parr, Doris R.L.  1908Inverell, NSW I21644
42 Suel, Dorothy Iris  21 Jun 1908Inverell, NSW I103743
43 Turner, Byron Campbell  22 Mar 1901Inverell, NSW I26422
44 Wearne, William Alexander  4 Nov 1929Inverell, NSW I107051
45 Worgan, Arthur Vallie  22 Jun 1923Inverell, NSW I4379
46 Worgan, Douglas John  1 Jul 1929Inverell, NSW I4420
47 Worgan, Reginald Thomas  19 Jun 1925Inverell, NSW I4392


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bercini, Ethel Jean  2001Inverell, NSW I80987
2 Bowling, Thomas John  12 Sep 1942Inverell, NSW I24401
3 Cameron, Alexander  19 Jun 1927Inverell, NSW I4295
4 Cameron, Alexander  28 Feb 1931Inverell, NSW I3830
5 Cameron, Alexander  2000Inverell, NSW I80986
6 Cameron, Amelia Catherine Watson  20 Apr 1941Inverell, NSW I39554
7 Cameron, Duncan Alexander  31 Mar 1947Inverell, NSW I99491
8 Cameron, Harold John  19 Jul 1986Inverell, NSW I84969
9 Cameron, Ivy Emily Elizabeth  21 Jun 1998Inverell, NSW I4377
10 Cameron, John Alexander  5 Jan 1957Inverell, NSW I39237
11 Cameron, Robert Hugh  26 Jan 1901Inverell, NSW I47021
12 Cameron, Ronald Douglas  12 Jul 1968Inverell, NSW I100106
13 Cameron, William  18 Jun 1955Inverell, NSW I4584
14 Campbell, Janet  1909Inverell, NSW I37253
15 Carey, Charlotte  1929Inverell, NSW I63526
16 Duff, Catherine Jane  1950Inverell, NSW I119271
17 Duff, James  1890Inverell, NSW I76876
18 Ferguson, Ellen  1898Inverell, NSW I47010
19 Ferguson, Isabella  1874Inverell, NSW I46665
20 Hallam, Ernest Fraser  27 Oct 1960Inverell, NSW I21645
21 Hutton, Margaret  11 Mar 1930Inverell, NSW I47018
22 Kennedy, Thomas William  1948Inverell, NSW I39555
23 Smith, Elizabeth Mary Jane  24 Jul 1942Inverell, NSW I4585
24 Sweeney, Albert James  27 Feb 1979Inverell, NSW I21724
25 Worgan, Douglas John  27 Apr 2019Inverell, NSW I4420


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Alexander  Inverell, NSW I4295
2 Cameron, Duncan Alexander  Inverell, NSW I99491
3 Cameron, Frank Stanley  Inverell, NSW I47136
4 Cameron, Henry Alexander  Inverell, NSW I32748
5 Cameron, Ivy Emily Elizabeth  Inverell, NSW I4377
6 Cameron, Robert  Inverell, NSW I47009
7 Ferguson, Ellen  Inverell, NSW I47010
8 Fitz-Hannim, Ella May  Inverell, NSW I99534
9 Parr, Doris R.L.  Inverell, NSW I21644
10 Swindell, Laura Mary  Inverell, NSW I84968


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cameron / Bercini  1930Inverell, NSW F24765
2 Cameron / Burge  1924Inverell, NSW F7970
3 Cameron / Parker  1927Inverell, NSW F32603
4 Cameron / Pitkin  1888Inverell, NSW F14561
5 Cameron / Rich  1935Inverell, NSW F31443
6 Cameron / Rooney  1943Inverell, NSW F31446
7 Cameron / Strang  14 Dec 1934Inverell, NSW F12257
8 Cameron / Swindell  1908Inverell, NSW F25962
9 Cameron / Whittaker  1881Inverell, NSW F23922
10 Coleman / Cameron  1939Inverell, NSW F25963
11 Coote / Cameron  1906Inverell, NSW F31459
12 Fleming / Baker  8 Aug 1900Inverell, NSW F7252
13 Grahame / Brook  22 Jun 1921Inverell, NSW F34202
14 Hoscher / Cameron  1938Inverell, NSW F31447
15 Hunt / Duff  1886Inverell, NSW F37106
16 MacColl / McIntyre  1926Inverell, NSW F10292
17 Marchant / Cameron  1934Inverell, NSW F31444
18 Phillips / Cameron  1936Inverell, NSW F31445
19 Wilson / Cameron  25 Mar 1925Inverell, NSW F1535

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