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Cooma, NSW



Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Agnew, Clara  1881Cooma, NSW I32837
2 Baker, Alice Maude  1870Cooma, NSW I104523
3 Bell, Lewis Angus Waugh  7 Aug 1923Cooma, NSW I90275
4 Blewitt, Charles Henry  1891Cooma, NSW I33047
5 Blewitt, Ethel May  1887Cooma, NSW I33040
6 Blewitt, Ronald Lindsay Arcourt  1907Cooma, NSW I33063
7 Boland, Donald A.  1907Cooma, NSW I107884
8 Cameron, Barbara Daphne  5 Jul 1925Cooma, NSW I102331
9 Cameron, Gwenda Alexa  1927Cooma, NSW I109815
10 Cameron, John  1888Cooma, NSW I116561
11 Connolly, Gladys Margaret  3 Sep 1912Cooma, NSW I107856
12 Douch, Ronald Albert  2 Aug 1936Cooma, NSW I108199
13 Flakelar, Sydney  1890Cooma, NSW I33042
14 Francis, Alice May  1865Cooma, NSW I88963
15 Goodwin, Kenneth Beresford  1889Cooma, NSW I33565
16 Goodwin, Sophie Catherine  1875Cooma, NSW I33571
17 Hoskin, William Thomas  1891Cooma, NSW I33035
18 Keefe, Elizabeth Ruby  1896Cooma, NSW I107868
19 McDonald, Margaret Christine  7 Apr 1871Cooma, NSW I33621
20 McIntyre, Alexander  1891Cooma, NSW I107860
21 McIntyre, Desmond Kenneth Hay  1897Cooma, NSW I107864
22 McIntyre, Eric I. L.  1895Cooma, NSW I107863
23 McIntyre, Robert Francis  1894Cooma, NSW I107862
24 McIntyre, Sarah Ann  1890Cooma, NSW I107859
25 McTernan, Selwyn Thomas  1906Cooma, NSW I87360
26 Noffz, Alma Maria D.  1903Cooma, NSW I32887
27 O'Mara, Mary Eileen  1887Cooma, NSW I33744
28 Paterson, Alexander Ralph  1873Cooma, NSW I92191
29 Paterson, Nina Jessie  25 Dec 1875Cooma, NSW I92192
30 Pooley, Freda Alma  1891Cooma, NSW I32802
31 Tozer, Iris Louisa Ann  1908Cooma, NSW I107855


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Black, Isabella Maria  5 Oct 1936Cooma, NSW I54243
2 Blewitt, Arold Eric  7 Jan 1966Cooma, NSW I33048
3 Blewitt, Ethel May  9 Jul 1966Cooma, NSW I33040
4 Blewitt, Ronald Lindsay Arcourt  13 Jul 1988Cooma, NSW I33063
5 Blewitt, William  27 Jun 1941Cooma, NSW I33033
6 Cameron, Alexander  4 Apr 1937Cooma, NSW I54242
7 Cameron, Gwenda Alexa  1927Cooma, NSW I109815
8 Cameron, Isobel Alexis  1924Cooma, NSW I54244
9 Cameron, Mary Ann  20 Oct 1900Cooma, NSW I82019
10 Davidson, Isabella  15 Apr 1934Cooma, NSW I33563
11 Hamlyn-Harris, James  24 May 1969Cooma, NSW I18650
12 Hoskin, William Thomas  11 Dec 1963Cooma, NSW I33035
13 Landon, Reginald Edward  1928Cooma, NSW I107774
14 McFarland, Joyce Elaine  6 Jun 2009Cooma, NSW I2985
15 McFarlane, Stuart  25 Jul 1966Cooma, NSW I6443
16 McIntyre, Eric I. L.  1897Cooma, NSW I107863
17 McNee, Percy Henry Donald  12 Aug 1959Cooma, NSW I33743
18 McTernan, Caroline A. C.  1917Cooma, NSW I87361
19 O'Mara, Mary Eileen  30 Nov 1955Cooma, NSW I33744
20 Scott, James Sherwood  1897Cooma, NSW I82020
21 Stewart, Robert John  1935Cooma, NSW I107903
22 Walker, Clive William  30 Sep 1987Cooma, NSW I107461


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Blewitt / Keefe  1920Cooma, NSW F33263
2 Blewitt / Minehan  1924Cooma, NSW F33264
3 Blewitt / Wallace  1922Cooma, NSW F10218
4 Cameron / Flynn  1887Cooma, NSW F36081
5 Cameron / Walters  1921Cooma, NSW F31861
6 Davidson / Goodwin  1895Cooma, NSW F10390
7 Davidson / Logan  1934Cooma, NSW F10385
8 Flakelar / Blewitt  1910Cooma, NSW F10216
9 Kelly / Povey  1941Cooma, NSW F10146
10 Little / Blewitt  1917Cooma, NSW F10217
11 McIntyre / Colquhoun  1922Cooma, NSW F10252
12 McIntyre / Grady  1937Cooma, NSW F10258
13 McNamara / Kelly  1905Cooma, NSW F10134
14 McNee / O'Mara  1918Cooma, NSW F10470
15 McTernan / Connolly  1933Cooma, NSW F33260
16 McTernan / Tozer  1931Cooma, NSW F33259
17 Morris / Cameron  1921Cooma, NSW F31611
18 Phillips / McIntyre  1922Cooma, NSW F10255
19 Phillips / McIntyre  1922Cooma, NSW F10256
20 Twohill / Cameron  1950Cooma, NSW F38718

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