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Collingwood, Vic



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barry, Kenneth Kingsley  31 Dec 1927Collingwood, Vic I1321
2 Barry, Norman Paul  9 Oct 1924Collingwood, Vic I1260
3 Bell, David Edward  1902Collingwood, Vic I91793
4 Bell, Doris Irene  1910Collingwood, Vic I91795
5 Bell, George Alexander  1909Collingwood, Vic I91796
6 Bell, John Henry  1904Collingwood, Vic I91794
7 Bold, Margaret  1871Collingwood, Vic I91771
8 Bullow, Jane Elizabeth  1876Collingwood, Vic I65222
9 Bullow, Jessie Evelyne  1878Collingwood, Vic I65223
10 Cameron, Albert William Ashley  1894Collingwood, Vic I124481
11 Cameron, Alfred  1885Collingwood, Vic I114212
12 Cameron, Alfred Charles  1892Collingwood, Vic I124480
13 Cameron, Annie Hilda  Jan 1880Collingwood, Vic I116181
14 Cameron, Bert Wattson  1 May 1888Collingwood, Vic I107492
15 Cameron, Charles  1862Collingwood, Vic I103327
16 Cameron, Charles John  22 Nov 1907Collingwood, Vic I100542
17 Cameron, Edith Elizabeth  1884Collingwood, Vic I116183
18 Cameron, Edward Peter  1853Collingwood, Vic I116601
19 Cameron, Elizabeth Gertrude  1895Collingwood, Vic I87566
20 Cameron, Elsie May  1892Collingwood, Vic I87565
21 Cameron, Ernest Charles  1899Collingwood, Vic I87568
22 Cameron, Georgina Isabella  1859Collingwood, Vic I109094
23 Cameron, Gertrude Elsie  1886Collingwood, Vic I103319
24 Cameron, Herbert  1886Collingwood, Vic I87563
25 Cameron, Jessie  31 Mar 1852Collingwood, Vic I89487
26 Cameron, John  1856Collingwood, Vic I103326
27 Cameron, Leslie George  1897Collingwood, Vic I87567
28 Cameron, Myrtle Marthur Ieleen  1909Collingwood, Vic I115025
29 Cameron, Nancy Jean  1915Collingwood, Vic I110482
30 Cameron, Olive  1895Collingwood, Vic I114213
31 Cameron, Ruby Margaret Jane  1887Collingwood, Vic I47432
32 Cameron, Sarah May  1886Collingwood, Vic I103333
33 Cameron, Thomas Hugh  1888Collingwood, Vic I103320
34 Cameron, William  1861Collingwood, Vic I113473
35 Cameron, William  1888Collingwood, Vic I87564
36 Cameron, William Frank  1884Collingwood, Vic I114211
37 Cameron, William Thomas  1882Collingwood, Vic I116182
38 Crowley, Dennis  1889Collingwood, Vic I69686
39 Deslandes, Emily Jane  1865Collingwood, Vic I58238
40 Dickson, James Robert  29 Oct 1857Collingwood, Vic I94112
41 Greene, Leslie York  1901Collingwood, Vic I91750
42 Harris, Astley Albert  1915Collingwood, Vic I86727
43 Livingstone, James Alexander  3 Jul 1904Collingwood, Vic I91764
44 McInnes, Sarah Ann Cameron  1860Collingwood, Vic I32148
45 Osborne, William George  1918Collingwood, Vic I105804
46 Painton, Violet Maud  1907Collingwood, Vic I91787
47 Saint-Ange d'Amyand, Victor Frederick  3 Dec 1886Collingwood, Vic I35570
48 Sidebottom, Frederick Douglas  1895Collingwood, Vic I86312
49 Sidebottom, Keith Alexander Langford  1901Collingwood, Vic I86314
50 Sidebottom, Olga Muriel  1898Collingwood, Vic I86313

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Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Annie Hilda  14 Mar 1880Collingwood, Vic I116181
2 Cameron, Colin  2 Nov 1886Collingwood, Vic I77459
3 Cameron, Donald  1854Collingwood, Vic I122614
4 Cameron, Edith Elizabeth  1884Collingwood, Vic I116183
5 Cameron, George  1853Collingwood, Vic I51885
6 Cameron, George James  12 Mar 1935Collingwood, Vic I116336
7 Cameron, Herbert  15 Nov 1887Collingwood, Vic I87563
8 Cameron, John  2 Jan 1867Collingwood, Vic I49085
9 Cameron, Louisa  8 May 1842Collingwood, Vic I81945
10 Cameron, Ruby Margaret Jane  1888Collingwood, Vic I47432
11 Cameron, William  13 Feb 1925Collingwood, Vic I103325
12 Cameron, William John  1931Collingwood, Vic I78450
13 Cameron, William Thomas  31 Dec 1882Collingwood, Vic I116182
14 Chapman, Ronald James  Jun 1931Collingwood, Vic I91819
15 Malcolm, Margaret Jane  19 Jun 1927Collingwood, Vic I116180
16 Pocock, Sarah Elizabeth  3 Jun 1886Collingwood, Vic I103332
17 Steel, Alexander  2 Aug 1910Collingwood, Vic I67736
18 Steel, Elizabeth  1931Collingwood, Vic I91686
19 Steel, James Alexander  1903Collingwood, Vic I91772
20 Taylor, William  12 Jun 1979Collingwood, Vic I86323


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cameron / Cumming  24 Jan 1860Collingwood, Vic F23847
2 Cameron / McDonald  19 Dec 1854Collingwood, Vic F35831
3 Cameron / Shain  21 Oct 1891Collingwood, Vic F33662
4 Cameron / Taylor  16 Oct 1857Collingwood, Vic F35841
5 Chapman / Hanniver  1920Collingwood, Vic F28119
6 Watson / Cameron  30 Jun 1903Collingwood, Vic F38035

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