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Coburg, Vic



Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bartlett, Ivy Bertha  1912Coburg, Vic I61958
2 Cameron, Betty  7 Nov 1922Coburg, Vic I94909
3 Cameron, Bruce Alexander  27 Dec 1911Coburg, Vic I96403
4 Cameron, Charles Henry  23 Jul 1906Coburg, Vic I37049
5 Cameron, Duncan Fraser  1872Coburg, Vic I60243
6 Cameron, Duncan Peter  28 Mar 1881Coburg, Vic I60320
7 Cameron, Ewen Anthony  20 Oct 1877Coburg, Vic I60314
8 Cameron, Fergus Duncan  28 Dec 1889Coburg, Vic I37008
9 Cameron, Roy Norman  5 Jun 1919Coburg, Vic I97235
10 Cameron, William Charles Walter  9 Sep 1917Coburg, Vic I97234
11 Clark, Frederick Samuel  1883Coburg, Vic I124456
12 Clark, Ruby Somerville  1888Coburg, Vic I124458
13 Galbraith, Ian Campbell Cameron  1915Coburg, Vic I43714
14 Galbraith, Janet Leslie  1913Coburg, Vic I43692
15 Howell, Milton Balfour  1915Coburg, Vic I106604
16 Howell, Noel Charles  1913Coburg, Vic I106603
17 Rae, David Keith  1892Coburg, Vic I86508
18 Rae, Marjory Alice  1891Coburg, Vic I86507
19 Wakelin, Harriet Elizabeth  17 Dec 1891Coburg, Vic I94908
20 Waugh, Stuart  1892Coburg, Vic I91781


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Caroline Mary  30 Jun 1927Coburg, Vic I58179
2 Cameron, Catherine  20 Jun 1907Coburg, Vic I87156
3 Cameron, Delcia May  2 Jul 1977Coburg, Vic I85792
4 Cameron, Donald Vincent  28 Jun 1956Coburg, Vic I116689
5 Cameron, Duncan  1 Jul 1894Coburg, Vic I60543
6 Cameron, Duncan Fraser  1872Coburg, Vic I60243
7 Cameron, Elizabeth Clarke  1920Coburg, Vic I77475
8 Cameron, Jessie  31 Jan 1913Coburg, Vic I44571
9 Cameron, John  3 Aug 1937Coburg, Vic I77000
10 Cameron, John Laurence  1980Coburg, Vic I116238
11 Cameron, June Allen  1947Coburg, Vic I50295
12 Cameron, William John  1965Coburg, Vic I79647
13 Duncan, Ellen Louisa  3 Dec 1902Coburg, Vic I37007
14 Fairlie, Archibald Douglas  1948Coburg, Vic I100979
15 Gillies, Donald McRae  1955Coburg, Vic I98227
16 Hanniver, Beverley Joy  Apr 1942Coburg, Vic I91838
17 Johnes, Minnie Maxwell  1943Coburg, Vic I106597
18 Meagher, Mary Ann  19 Feb 1899Coburg, Vic I60544
19 Molloy, Ellen Maria  27 Sep 1949Coburg, Vic I50272
20 Moynahan, Patrick  1953Coburg, Vic I100251
21 Ross, Elizabeth  24 Dec 1908Coburg, Vic I84334
22 Sloss, Desdemona  1959Coburg, Vic I40493


Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Alexandrina  Coburg, Vic I15964
2 Cameron, Andrew  6 Jan 1922Coburg, Vic I79680
3 Cameron, Annie Elizabeth  19 Apr 1929Coburg, Vic I101117
4 Cameron, Catherine Somerville  14 Jul 1922Coburg, Vic I108821
5 Cameron, Charles Anthony  Coburg, Vic I50271
6 Cameron, Donald John  Coburg, Vic I78160
7 Cameron, Donald Robert  15 Oct 1928Coburg, Vic I20626
8 Cameron, Duncan  Coburg, Vic I60543
9 Cameron, Edith Stella  4 Oct 1977Coburg, Vic I101121
10 Cameron, Fergus Duncan  Coburg, Vic I37008
11 Cameron, Gladys Matilda  6 Aug 1924Coburg, Vic I78626
12 Cameron, Gordon  Coburg, Vic I29282
13 Cameron, Hugh Allan  20 Dec 1943Coburg, Vic I101136
14 Cameron, Hugh Reginald  Coburg, Vic I15412
15 Cameron, James Hugh Thomas  17 Mar 1907Coburg, Vic I78222
16 Cameron, Jessie  4 Nov 1916Coburg, Vic I20639
17 Cameron, John  2 Apr 1919Coburg, Vic I101132
18 Cameron, John Davidson  14 Dec 1916Coburg, Vic I20320
19 Cameron, John Fassifern  Coburg, Vic I60545
20 Cameron, June Allen  10 Jun 1947Coburg, Vic I50295
21 Cameron, Lillias Jane  Coburg, Vic I15414
22 Cameron, Margaret  11 Feb 1924Coburg, Vic I101150
23 Cameron, Maria Somerville  Coburg, Vic I122244
24 Cameron, Marjorie Ann  Coburg, Vic I15413
25 Cameron, Martin  30 May 1907Coburg, Vic I87115
26 Cameron, Neil Robertson  17 May 1941Coburg, Vic I101135
27 Cameron, Norman William  6 May 1919Coburg, Vic I77888
28 Cameron, Ruth Gladys  31 Oct 1913Coburg, Vic I20625
29 Cameron, William  10 Feb 1938Coburg, Vic I52712
30 Cameron, William Allan Alexander  23 Oct 1961Coburg, Vic I101123
31 Cameron, William John  25 Sep 1918Coburg, Vic I101137
32 Cameron, William Wingate  31 May 1950Coburg, Vic I79682
33 Cochrane, Joan Gourlay  16 Jul 1908Coburg, Vic I32180
34 Cook, Mary Vida  Coburg, Vic I29283
35 Duncan, Ellen Louisa  4 Dec 1902Coburg, Vic I37007
36 Dunn, Alan Edmond  25 Nov 1981Coburg, Vic I29968
37 Friezer, Anne Jane  Coburg, Vic I58932
38 Glover, Edith Mary  14 Dec 1916Coburg, Vic I101118
39 Gunn, Isabella Jane  21 May 1917Coburg, Vic I15395
40 Linehan, Elizabeth Agnes  27 Feb 1932Coburg, Vic I78223
41 MacDonald, Angus James  8 Jul 1921Coburg, Vic I29978
42 MacDonald, Ronald Angus  Coburg, Vic I86307
43 Meagher, Mary Ann  Coburg, Vic I60544
44 Steel, John  9 Jul 1946Coburg, Vic I91688
45 Walsh, John Henry  19 Jul 1966Coburg, Vic I86292
46 Williams, Ellen Jane  12 Sep 1956Coburg, Vic I79681


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bailey / Cameron  1948Coburg, Vic F29100
2 Robertson / Cameron  26 Apr 1876Coburg, Vic F18652
3 Twomey / Cameron  6 Sep 1871Coburg, Vic F18626

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