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Cheltenham, Vic



Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Roy Ewen  1905Cheltenham, Vic I13003
2 Cameron, John Thomas  1913Cheltenham, Vic I110089
3 Cameron, Jessie May C.  1903Cheltenham, Vic I110085
4 Cameron, Emily  1867Cheltenham, Vic I17734


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Weniger, Anton Johannes Mathias  13 Aug 1923Cheltenham, Vic I102752
2 Trangmar, Henry Walton  1948Cheltenham, Vic I34114
3 Teasdale, Charles Bell  1971Cheltenham, Vic I116602
4 Tatham, Thomas Edward  1917Cheltenham, Vic I95468
5 Stickland, Albert Reginald  1948Cheltenham, Vic I46548
6 Smith, Wilhelmina  1925Cheltenham, Vic I103494
7 Price, Edward Garnet  1969Cheltenham, Vic I113524
8 Paul, Kate Isabella  24 Feb 1868Cheltenham, Vic I90137
9 Paul, Elizabeth Anne  2 Jun 1916Cheltenham, Vic I90136
10 Moodie, William Robert E.  1967Cheltenham, Vic I31131
11 McPhee, Sarah Ann  3 Jul 1977Cheltenham, Vic I84798
12 Marshman, Victoria May  28 Aug 1954Cheltenham, Vic I91958
13 Littlewood, Edward  17 Oct 1926Cheltenham, Vic I86362
14 Little, Robert Joseph  1967Cheltenham, Vic I113522
15 Kneen, Moirrey Janet  1921Cheltenham, Vic I10980
16 Duff, Laura Margaret  1920Cheltenham, Vic I81554
17 Clarke, Mildred Irene  1971Cheltenham, Vic I60160
18 Churchward, Hilda May  1978Cheltenham, Vic I109918
19 Carnegie, Caroline Ellen  21 Jan 1939Cheltenham, Vic I122219
20 Cameron, William Allen  1918Cheltenham, Vic I116688
21 Cameron, Oscar William Wood  1933Cheltenham, Vic I29592
22 Cameron, Marion  27 Aug 1924Cheltenham, Vic I116174
23 Cameron, Margaret  1952Cheltenham, Vic I113511
24 Cameron, Louisa  12 Mar 1891Cheltenham, Vic I116176
25 Cameron, Josephine  1930Cheltenham, Vic I116175
26 Cameron, John William  1968Cheltenham, Vic I114905
27 Cameron, Finlay Arthur  21 Feb 1959Cheltenham, Vic I91957
28 Cameron, Eliza  2 Feb 1938Cheltenham, Vic I51102
29 Cameron, Duncan Alexander  11 Jun 1952Cheltenham, Vic I11322
30 Cameron, Donald  1974Cheltenham, Vic I109105
31 Cameron, Clarice Hilda  1974Cheltenham, Vic I115967
32 Cameron, Christina Editha  1950Cheltenham, Vic I116101
33 Cameron, Christina  1925Cheltenham, Vic I86356
34 Cameron, Bert Wattson  10 Dec 1963Cheltenham, Vic I107492
35 Cameron, Ann  1926Cheltenham, Vic I81550
36 Cameron, Alexina  24 Jan 1952Cheltenham, Vic I104586
37 Angel, Alfred Henry  1954Cheltenham, Vic I102562


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Westhorp, Minnie Eva  15 May 1952Cheltenham, Vic I100535
2 Verney, Emily Elizabeth  29 May 1956Cheltenham, Vic I88404
3 Swanson, Marina Isobel Mary  21 Aug 1943Cheltenham, Vic I103024
4 Schulze, Sylvia Imilda  28 Oct 1965Cheltenham, Vic I32488
5 Richardson, Elizabeth Alice  5 Aug 1966Cheltenham, Vic I58912
6 Nixon, Annie Elizabeth  20 Sep 1945Cheltenham, Vic I3718
7 Kiely, Veronica  3 Jun 1985Cheltenham, Vic I41336
8 Jones, Dorothy  29 Jun 1964Cheltenham, Vic I32182
9 Flannery, Mary Ann  26 Jul 1946Cheltenham, Vic I15740
10 Clark, Mary  Cheltenham, Vic I16938
11 Churchward, Hilda May  4 Oct 1978Cheltenham, Vic I109918
12 Chick, Eva May  18 Oct 1960Cheltenham, Vic I100536
13 Carnegie, Caroline Ellen  23 Jan 1939Cheltenham, Vic I122219
14 Cameron, Walter  28 Aug 1963Cheltenham, Vic I105873
15 Cameron, Wallace McCallum  11 Jan 1960Cheltenham, Vic I42302
16 Cameron, Thomas Ronald  8 May 1961Cheltenham, Vic I100537
17 Cameron, Thomas Lusty  8 Mar 1938Cheltenham, Vic I65461
18 Cameron, Sydney Angus  29 Aug 1938Cheltenham, Vic I77282
19 Cameron, Robert George  Cheltenham, Vic I16940
20 Cameron, Norman James  22 Apr 1959Cheltenham, Vic I41335
21 Cameron, Lachlan James  25 Jan 1918Cheltenham, Vic I88381
22 Cameron, John  6 Feb 1941Cheltenham, Vic I103326
23 Cameron, John  11 Jul 1936Cheltenham, Vic I88387
24 Cameron, Jessie Gertrude Josephine  Cheltenham, Vic I31961
25 Cameron, James Vernie  28 Apr 1960Cheltenham, Vic I78224
26 Cameron, James Hugh  7 Mar 1961Cheltenham, Vic I70277
27 Cameron, James  Cheltenham, Vic I59600
28 Cameron, Hugh John  25 Jul 1952Cheltenham, Vic I15793
29 Cameron, Henry Angus  8 Jan 1947Cheltenham, Vic I103023
30 Cameron, Harold Charles Raymond  Cheltenham, Vic I32487
31 Cameron, Gerald Gordon  8 May 1968Cheltenham, Vic I103168
32 Cameron, Francis James  8 Nov 1960Cheltenham, Vic I3723
33 Cameron, Fergus David Thomas  Cheltenham, Vic I37006
34 Cameron, Ewen Hugh  2 Feb 1960Cheltenham, Vic I32179
35 Cameron, Ewan  18 Jan 1972Cheltenham, Vic I46540
36 Cameron, Emily  14 Mar 1918Cheltenham, Vic I17734
37 Cameron, Duncan  Cheltenham, Vic I70696
38 Cameron, Donald  Cheltenham, Vic I70698
39 Cameron, David Alexander Brandis  8 Nov 1978Cheltenham, Vic I58911
40 Cameron, David  Cheltenham, Vic I16436
41 Cameron, Charles Edward  Cheltenham, Vic I31397
42 Cameron, Annie Louise  Cheltenham, Vic I17284
43 Cameron, Angus Alexander  25 Jan 1950Cheltenham, Vic I8401
44 Cameron, Allan James White  5 Oct 1984Cheltenham, Vic I109919
45 Cameron, Alice  12 Sep 1968Cheltenham, Vic I3719
46 Cameron, Alexander  31 Jul 1951Cheltenham, Vic I109917
47 Callard, Margerie Isabel  8 Jul 1974Cheltenham, Vic I105452
48 Bulling, Jane Miriam  11 Jan 1938Cheltenham, Vic I16941
49 Bilston, Catherine Maria  Cheltenham, Vic I31398
50 Beveridge, Margaret  Cheltenham, Vic I37011

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