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Camperdown, Vic



Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Campbell Duncan  25 Mar 1889Camperdown, Vic I105753
2 Cameron, Catherine Juanita  1901Camperdown, Vic I105751
3 Cameron, Donald  1868Camperdown, Vic I84519
4 Cameron, Donald McDonald  1875Camperdown, Vic I100069
5 Cameron, Donald McLean  1902Camperdown, Vic I15681
6 Cameron, Dugald Huntly  22 May 1907Camperdown, Vic I15699
7 Cameron, Emmeline Madonna  1901Camperdown, Vic I15679
8 Cameron, Flora  1878Camperdown, Vic I90311
9 Cameron, Florence Jean  1891Camperdown, Vic I116863
10 Cameron, James  1871Camperdown, Vic I100067
11 Cameron, Lillian Mary  1873Camperdown, Vic I77761
12 Cameron, Margaret  1879Camperdown, Vic I90312
13 Cameron, Mary Ann  1873Camperdown, Vic I100068
14 Cameron, Sarah  ca 1870Camperdown, Vic I84520
15 Cameron, Sarah Milner  1904Camperdown, Vic I15683
16 Cameron, Susan  1869Camperdown, Vic I100066
17 Cameron, Thomas Henry  1882Camperdown, Vic I110703
18 Elizabeth, Ethel  1874Camperdown, Vic I77762
19 Fuller, Dorothy Munro  6 Nov 1916Camperdown, Vic I85766
20 Fuller, Suzie  1914Camperdown, Vic I85765
21 Lloyd, Lilly Jane  1878Camperdown, Vic I103161
22 McArthur, Robert Kirkpatrick  24 Aug 1901Camperdown, Vic I90492
23 McInnes, Peter John Edward  1878Camperdown, Vic I85413
24 McRae, Alexander Cameron  1911Camperdown, Vic I42997
25 McRae, Annie Mary  1910Camperdown, Vic I42986
26 McRae, Catherine  20 Jul 1915Camperdown, Vic I42999
27 McRae, Dorothy Nora  8 Aug 1913Camperdown, Vic I42998
28 McRae, Keith  7 Jul 1917Camperdown, Vic I43010
29 McRae, Thomas  24 Nov 1919Camperdown, Vic I43024
30 Parker, Annie Cameron  1 Mar 1862Camperdown, Vic I113606
31 Wright, Alfred Lewis  1895Camperdown, Vic I113019
32 Wright, Frederick Allan John  1899Camperdown, Vic I113021
33 Wright, Myrtle Ann  1896Camperdown, Vic I113020


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Blyth, Elizabeth Victoria  1975Camperdown, Vic I85735
2 Cameron, Alexandrina  1919Camperdown, Vic I113599
3 Cameron, Catherine  31 Jan 1933Camperdown, Vic I8147
4 Cameron, Donald  5 May 1865Camperdown, Vic I82571
5 Cameron, Dougall  26 Jun 1921Camperdown, Vic I8157
6 Cameron, Duncan Joseph  1910Camperdown, Vic I122834
7 Cameron, Flora  1 Aug 1976Camperdown, Vic I11056
8 Cameron, Hugh  21 Apr 1913Camperdown, Vic I8137
9 Cameron, John  11 Mar 1884Camperdown, Vic I102665
10 Cameron, Olivia  1931Camperdown, Vic I26571
11 Elizabeth, Ethel  1877Camperdown, Vic I77762
12 Fuller, Dorothy Munro  18 Nov 2008Camperdown, Vic I85766
13 Fuller, George Henry Charles  17 Dec 1967Camperdown, Vic I11057
14 Fuller, Suzie  25 Jan 1987Camperdown, Vic I85765
15 Grant, Kevin Norman  7 Jan 1986Camperdown, Vic I47799
16 Hately, Beryl Edith  1981Camperdown, Vic I26603
17 Heales, Henry Christopher  15 Mar 1894Camperdown, Vic I60164
18 McLennan, Margaret  1945Camperdown, Vic I105477
19 McRae, Alexander Cameron  27 Nov 1913Camperdown, Vic I42997
20 McRae, Annie Mary  25 Jul 2004Camperdown, Vic I42986
21 McRae, Mary  8 Oct 1948Camperdown, Vic I42924
22 Reid, Lillian Irene  9 Jun 1946Camperdown, Vic I101097
23 Roney, Michael Gabriel  1946Camperdown, Vic I26572
24 Roney, Walter Gordon  1974Camperdown, Vic I26602
25 Tate, Amy Creswell  16 Oct 1901Camperdown, Vic I93969
26 Taylor, John  17 Oct 1945Camperdown, Vic I11036
27 Winterbottom, Jane  1916Camperdown, Vic I90305
28 Wright, Frederick Allan John  1977Camperdown, Vic I113021


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Allan Angus George  1 Mar 1988Camperdown, Vic I61032
2 Cameron, Angus William  14 Nov 1968Camperdown, Vic I101096
3 Cameron, Carol Margaret  Camperdown, Vic I101101
4 Cameron, Donald  Camperdown, Vic I82571
5 Cameron, Donald Valentine  23 Oct 1937Camperdown, Vic I8171
6 Cameron, Dougall  27 Jun 1921Camperdown, Vic I8157
7 Cameron, Douglas  22 Mar 1955Camperdown, Vic I101098
8 Cameron, Hugh  23 Apr 1913Camperdown, Vic I8137
9 Cameron, Peter Hamilton  30 Jan 1963Camperdown, Vic I101099
10 Cameron, Stanley Kenneth  21 Jan 1983Camperdown, Vic I101095
11 Campbell, Susan  16 Oct 1890Camperdown, Vic I82572
12 Elizabeth, Ethel  8 Feb 1877Camperdown, Vic I77762
13 McKean, Donald  Camperdown, Vic I42956
14 McKean, Elsie Margaret  Camperdown, Vic I42982
15 McKean, John Cameron  Camperdown, Vic I42971
16 McKean, Leslie James  Camperdown, Vic I42926
17 McKean, Ruby Marion  Camperdown, Vic I42983
18 McRae, Annie Mary  Camperdown, Vic I42986
19 Ohrens, Annie  20 Oct 1838Camperdown, Vic I8138
20 Reid, Lillian Irene  11 Jun 1946Camperdown, Vic I101097


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Byrne / Cameron  1941Camperdown, Vic F14770
2 Cameron / McLean  Nov 1865Camperdown, Vic F25818
3 Lloyd / McKean  1938Camperdown, Vic F13321
4 Parish / Cameron  1898Camperdown, Vic F36200

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