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Bendigo, Vic



Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Balsillie, Jean Laing  2 Mar 1907Bendigo, Vic I88988
2 Burdett, Charles Ellison  1902Bendigo, Vic I97690
3 Butler, George Joseph  10 Mar 1896Bendigo, Vic I103373
4 Cameron, Colin Samuel  19 Oct 1903Bendigo, Vic I80198
5 Cameron, Dorothy Evelyn Mary  1906Bendigo, Vic I108693
6 Cameron, Francis Locke  1912Bendigo, Vic I78670
7 Cameron, George Henry Laurence Zegbert  16 May 1910Bendigo, Vic I41223
8 Cameron, James Vivian  1905Bendigo, Vic I41221
9 Cameron, Jean Ethel  1917Bendigo, Vic I122621
10 Cameron, Lucy E.  19 Dec 1864Bendigo, Vic I120244
11 Cameron, Olive May  1893Bendigo, Vic I116139
12 Cameron, Paulina Evelyn  1895Bendigo, Vic I116138
13 Cameron, Ronald Ewen Harper  4 Sep 1908Bendigo, Vic I81827
14 Cameron, Thomas Archibald  1916Bendigo, Vic I122620
15 Cameron, Thomas James  1909Bendigo, Vic I78666
16 Cameron, William Donald Fletcher  20 Apr 1863Bendigo, Vic I115843
17 Douglas, Norma Victoria  1903Bendigo, Vic I99544
18 Douglas, Violet Jean McLennan  1904Bendigo, Vic I99545
19 Fisher, Edna Sylvia  1 Aug 1915Bendigo, Vic I86719
20 Gregson, Norman Bertie  17 Dec 1910Bendigo, Vic I10560
21 Hay, Gilbert Geoffrey  1911Bendigo, Vic I99543
22 Hay, Jessie Catherine  1907Bendigo, Vic I54502
23 Hillman, Blanche Jane  26 May 1919Bendigo, Vic I8148
24 Hillman, Elsie Lydia  13 Jul 1915Bendigo, Vic I7804
25 Hillman, Frederick William  12 Jun 1917Bendigo, Vic I8107
26 Hillman, Horace Henry  1897Bendigo, Vic I115564
27 Hillman, Norman Cameron  1899Bendigo, Vic I115565
28 Hillman, Robert Cameron  24 Nov 1922Bendigo, Vic I8149
29 Hills, Edith  1871Bendigo, Vic I41217
30 Hocking, Dorothy  5 Jan 1927Bendigo, Vic I8963
31 Kellam, Keith Douglas  11 Mar 1943Bendigo, Vic I49434
32 Knape, James Edward Gordon  1919Bendigo, Vic I91627
33 Little, Roy Ashbridge  1899Bendigo, Vic I91631
34 McIlroy, Thomas David  ca 1885Bendigo, Vic I108370
35 Molloy, Ellen Maria  ca 1874Bendigo, Vic I50272
36 Raisbeck, Henry Charles  1910Bendigo, Vic I65186
37 Rickert, Beryl Maud  1908Bendigo, Vic I83780
38 Rundle, Thomas Webb  ca 1854Bendigo, Vic I109558
39 Rundle, Walter Ashleigh  1898Bendigo, Vic I109564


Matches 1 to 50 of 72

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Atherton, Charles Fleming  1920Bendigo, Vic I120301
2 Atherton, Harold William  1980Bendigo, Vic I120302
3 Atherton, Muriel Rita  1957Bendigo, Vic I120300
4 Baldwin, Veronica Evelyn  4 May 2020Bendigo, Vic I60720
5 Bassett, Henry Robert  1979Bendigo, Vic I41586
6 Bassett, Mark Wallace  1967Bendigo, Vic I41567
7 Bassett, Philip James Cameron  1924Bendigo, Vic I41415
8 Bassett, Richard Thomas  1951Bendigo, Vic I41525
9 Butler, George Joseph  13 Jan 1898Bendigo, Vic I103373
10 Butler, Lydia Maud  28 Feb 1900Bendigo, Vic I103375
11 Cameron, Alexander  8 Jul 1940Bendigo, Vic I109889
12 Cameron, Alexander Ewart  24 Jan 1973Bendigo, Vic I11387
13 Cameron, Allan  1960Bendigo, Vic I109894
14 Cameron, Ann  1947Bendigo, Vic I34265
15 Cameron, Anne McKenzie  4 Feb 1892Bendigo, Vic I77267
16 Cameron, Archibald Hugh  Dec 1968Bendigo, Vic I109885
17 Cameron, Bertie  1950Bendigo, Vic I109896
18 Cameron, Grace Stella  1962Bendigo, Vic I92209
19 Cameron, Irene May  1984Bendigo, Vic I41229
20 Cameron, Ivan Griffiths  22 Mar 1998Bendigo, Vic I17005
21 Cameron, James Lester  5 Jul 1935Bendigo, Vic I105822
22 Cameron, James William  1933Bendigo, Vic I41216
23 Cameron, Jessie Margaret  1 Apr 1940Bendigo, Vic I34281
24 Cameron, John  1955Bendigo, Vic I109108
25 Cameron, John Anthony  1956Bendigo, Vic I15392
26 Cameron, John Fleming  15 Nov 1910Bendigo, Vic I78616
27 Cameron, Jonathan Kennedy  9 Dec 1952Bendigo, Vic I114851
28 Cameron, Keith Alexander  1974Bendigo, Vic I116789
29 Cameron, Lachlan Aird  Sep 2003Bendigo, Vic I52398
30 Cameron, Lilian Mary  1938Bendigo, Vic I15393
31 Cameron, Lydia  28 Feb 1900Bendigo, Vic I103362
32 Cameron, Lydia Anne  3 Dec 1901Bendigo, Vic I115559
33 Cameron, Margaret  15 Jul 1879Bendigo, Vic I78740
34 Cameron, Mary Myrtle Daphne  1920Bendigo, Vic I41218
35 Cameron, Robert  1929Bendigo, Vic I115964
36 Cameron, Robert  1975Bendigo, Vic I109110
37 Cameron, Robert Charles  1946Bendigo, Vic I115968
38 Cameron, Ronald  1980Bendigo, Vic I41277
39 Cameron, Samuel  10 Mar 1902Bendigo, Vic I59590
40 Cameron, Thomas Archibald  1991Bendigo, Vic I122620
41 Cameron, William Thomas  1961Bendigo, Vic I48254
42 Cameron, William Wallace  26 Jul 2008Bendigo, Vic I60719
43 Canfield, Ethel Lillian  1979Bendigo, Vic I41278
44 Clarke, Dudley Cameron  1904Bendigo, Vic I102119
45 Coad, Mary Ann  1919Bendigo, Vic I115965
46 Crowley, Thomas  1981Bendigo, Vic I28288
47 Douglas, Norma Victoria  1904Bendigo, Vic I99544
48 Fischer, Zelma Joyce  23 Oct 1985Bendigo, Vic I103857
49 Hay, Gilbert Geoffrey  1912Bendigo, Vic I99543
50 Hebden, Elizabeth Elsie  20 Jan 1959Bendigo, Vic I7696

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Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Kathleen  26 Jan 1971Bendigo, Vic I109899
2 Cameron, Alexander Ewart  Bendigo, Vic I11387
3 Cameron, Archibald Hugh  20 Dec 1968Bendigo, Vic I109885
4 Cameron, George Eric  Bendigo, Vic I81465
5 Cameron, Gordon Charles  Bendigo, Vic I41276
6 Cameron, Henry Morris  14 Jan 1870Bendigo, Vic I109900
7 Cameron, John Anthony  17 Aug 1956Bendigo, Vic I15392
8 Cameron, Lilian Mary  13 Aug 1938Bendigo, Vic I15393
9 Cameron, Robert Alexander  Bendigo, Vic I41284
10 Hennessy, Ellen Josephine  16 Mar 1944Bendigo, Vic I15390
11 Priest, Selina  Bendigo, Vic I41268


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Butler / Cameron  14 Sep 1896Bendigo, Vic F31929
2 Cameron / Daykin  18 Mar 1913Bendigo, Vic F35890
3 Cameron / Grose  1911Bendigo, Vic F38247
4 Cameron / Hennessy  5 Nov 1902Bendigo, Vic F4737
5 Matthews / Ruehland  6 May 1916Bendigo, Vic F4731
6 Tyler / Balsillie  21 Sep 1930Bendigo, Vic F27229

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