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Bega, NSW



Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alcock, May Victoria  1880Bega, NSW I23575
2 Blomfield, Herbert Richard Wren  15 Oct 1902Bega, NSW I96146
3 Bown, Alma M.  1915Bega, NSW I108169
4 Bown, Lawrence  1916Bega, NSW I108170
5 Bown, Roma J.  1917Bega, NSW I108171
6 Cameron, Hugh  1859Bega, NSW I117207
7 Disher, Joseph  1921Bega, NSW I108193
8 Disher, Joseph Melboune  1885Bega, NSW I108192
9 Douch, Darcy Robert  10 Jun 1915Bega, NSW I108180
10 Douch, Doris E.  1917Bega, NSW I108181
11 Douch, Olive  1918Bega, NSW I108182
12 Dunsmore, William Garth  1899Bega, NSW I107967
13 Foley, James Thomas  1881Bega, NSW I107932
14 Glass, Raymond George  1895Bega, NSW I108077
15 Harper, Evelyn Mary  1883Bega, NSW I81826
16 Healey, Harold J.  1892Bega, NSW I108096
17 Howard, Lorna Kathleen  18 Oct 1924Bega, NSW I108174
18 Hyland, Claude Vincent  1901Bega, NSW I108026
19 Noffz, Erwin Keith Bernhardt  1902Bega, NSW I32889
20 Otton, Victor George  27 Aug 1901Bega, NSW I33586
21 Perry, Violet Veronica  1909Bega, NSW I33589
22 Ryan, Uneta Isobel  1916Bega, NSW I20998
23 Shipton, Allan William  12 Feb 1894Bega, NSW I108172
24 Stapleton, Peter Hubert Q.  1888Bega, NSW I108023
25 Stewart, Lawrence Thomas James  1904Bega, NSW I108119
26 Walker, Marjorie  ca 1906Bega, NSW I112271


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Appleby, Emily  27 Dec 1978Bega, NSW I108179
2 Cameron, Duncan Alexander  1929Bega, NSW I117209
3 Cameron, Hugh  1888Bega, NSW I117207
4 Collins, Maude  1928Bega, NSW I108067
5 Comben, Robert  1946Bega, NSW I5609
6 Davidson, Alice  11 Sep 2004Bega, NSW I33585
7 Davidson, Charles Rene  14 Oct 1973Bega, NSW I33606
8 Davidson, George  30 Jun 1952Bega, NSW I33543
9 Disher, Joseph Melboune  1957Bega, NSW I108192
10 Douch, Euphemia  1935Bega, NSW I108092
11 Douch, Robert Bruce  19 Jan 1971Bega, NSW I108068
12 Glass, Raymond George  1930Bega, NSW I108077
13 Otton, Victor George  28 Oct 1943Bega, NSW I33586
14 Picker, Gordon Melville  1969Bega, NSW I24767
15 Plowright, Joseph  1885Bega, NSW I98445
16 Pym, Stella M.  1933Bega, NSW I108024
17 Rattray, Margery  1880Bega, NSW I117206
18 Stewart, Andrew John  1909Bega, NSW I52736
19 Stewart, Douglas Roy  1971Bega, NSW I108019
20 Stewart, Lawrence Thomas James  1939Bega, NSW I108119
21 Stewart, Vivian Wallace  1963Bega, NSW I108017


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Margaret Katherine  Bega, NSW I9138


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bown / Stewart  1914Bega, NSW F33370
2 Cameron / Fairman  1925Bega, NSW F38704
3 Cameron / Weber  1937Bega, NSW F36793
4 Cotterill / Linehan  1959Bega, NSW F33367
5 Davidson / Perry  1931Bega, NSW F10399
6 Disher / Douch  1921Bega, NSW F33379
7 Douch / Appleby  16 Sep 1914Bega, NSW F33374
8 Glass / Douch  1 Jul 1918Bega, NSW F33337
9 Healey / Douch  1928Bega, NSW F33343
10 Hyland / Stewart  1922Bega, NSW F33320
11 Irvin / Lowe  1916Bega, NSW F30698
12 Shipton / Stewart  1919Bega, NSW F33371
13 Stewart / Gerathy  1927Bega, NSW F33321
14 Stewart / Howard  1950Bega, NSW F33372
15 Stewart / O'Meara  1932Bega, NSW F33286
16 Stewart / O'Neill  1904Bega, NSW F33353
17 Stewart / Pym  1930Bega, NSW F33318
18 Stubbs / Cameron  29 Jul 1873Bega, NSW F24132

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