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Albury, NSW



Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arthur, Margaret Hannah  1881Albury, NSW I41798
2 Black, Isabella Maria  1872Albury, NSW I54243
3 Buntine, Kate E.  1902Albury, NSW I107451
4 Buntine, Lesley Susannah  1904Albury, NSW I107452
5 Cameron, Alexander Hector  ca 1900Albury, NSW I118528
6 Cameron, Alexander Murdock  3 Dec 1891Albury, NSW I67844
7 Cameron, Arthur Leslie  1883Albury, NSW I88193
8 Cameron, Catherine Eliza H.  1891Albury, NSW I102736
9 Cameron, Claude Alexander  1910Albury, NSW I109796
10 Cameron, Colin Hugh  1897Albury, NSW I102735
11 Cameron, Donald B.  1912Albury, NSW I117692
12 Cameron, Emily Frances  18 Jul 1876Albury, NSW I100004
13 Cameron, Finlay Archibald E. McGregor  1905Albury, NSW I4717
14 Cameron, Florence V.  1900Albury, NSW I109790
15 Cameron, Henrietta M.  1872Albury, NSW I100002
16 Cameron, Isabella C.  1910Albury, NSW I117691
17 Cameron, Jean I.  1906Albury, NSW I109794
18 Cameron, Jessie Alexandrina  3 Oct 1897Albury, NSW I10619
19 Cameron, John Brown MSM  20 Oct 1887Albury, NSW I67842
20 Cameron, Lewis R.  1915Albury, NSW I109799
21 Cameron, Mark E.  1878Albury, NSW I100005
22 Cameron, Mary S.  1914Albury, NSW I109801
23 Cameron, Olive I. M.  1903Albury, NSW I109792
24 Cameron, Rosalind M.  1880Albury, NSW I100006
25 Cameron, Ross Hugh  11 May 1920Albury, NSW I81503
26 Cameron, Ruby A. M.  1913Albury, NSW I109797
27 Cameron, William R.  1873Albury, NSW I100003
28 Collins, Zita Bessie  7 Jul 1914Albury, NSW I47210
29 Coughlan, Honorah Agnes  2 Nov 1902Albury, NSW I95358
30 Draffin, Mary  1884Albury, NSW I70741
31 McVean, Alexander Douglas  9 Jan 1903Albury, NSW I91137
32 McVean, Helen Hersey Hopetoun  1890Albury, NSW I91135
33 McVean, Ivan Lawrence  6 Jun 1903Albury, NSW I91151
34 McVean, Jean Isabel  1901Albury, NSW I91140
35 McVean, Jessie Agnes  1898Albury, NSW I91139
36 McVean, John Hugh  18 May 1905Albury, NSW I91138
37 McVean, Marjorie A.  1907Albury, NSW I91141
38 McVean, William Hill  1892Albury, NSW I91130
39 Morton, Albert Heckner  13 Apr 1907Albury, NSW I93652
40 Roney, Walter Gordon  1904Albury, NSW I26602


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Burrows, Margaret Mary J.  26 Feb 1968Albury, NSW I109802
2 Cameron, Alexander Leopold  1965Albury, NSW I53393
3 Cameron, Alexander Peter McVean  8 Sep 1901Albury, NSW I109168
4 Cameron, Allan  12 Sep 1921Albury, NSW I11331
5 Cameron, Allan  14 May 1959Albury, NSW I11734
6 Cameron, Archibald Forrester  11 Nov 1956Albury, NSW I64864
7 Cameron, Charles John  1968Albury, NSW I108838
8 Cameron, Claude Alexander  1967Albury, NSW I109796
9 Cameron, Gordon Samuel Hill  1968Albury, NSW I102734
10 Cameron, Henrietta M.  1872Albury, NSW I100002
11 Cameron, John  17 Jun 1961Albury, NSW I109171
12 Cameron, John Thomas  1951Albury, NSW I64868
13 Cameron, William Lawson  13 Jun 1903Albury, NSW I36483
14 Cole, Arthur Frank  1973Albury, NSW I11916
15 Cole, George Fraitor  1954Albury, NSW I11907
16 Cole, Mary Leighton  1950Albury, NSW I11906
17 Fox, Leslie James  1 Dec 1949Albury, NSW I98899
18 Hallam, Alexander Gordon  28 Mar 1975Albury, NSW I28370
19 Hallam, John Henry  12 Jun 1970Albury, NSW I28372
20 Litster, Ian Gordon  30 Aug 1982Albury, NSW I109042
21 McIntosh, Jessie  26 Nov 1950Albury, NSW I119710
22 McIntosh, Wilhelmina  23 May 1944Albury, NSW I119711
23 McPherson, Helen Elspeth  7 Dec 1976Albury, NSW I101512
24 McVean, Alexander Ballantyne  11 Feb 1922Albury, NSW I91127
25 McVean, Isabel Mary  21 Nov 1897Albury, NSW I91133
26 McVean, John Hugh  9 Jul 1894Albury, NSW I77531
27 McVean, William Hill  1956Albury, NSW I91130
28 Roberts, Roy Alexander  19 Sep 1968Albury, NSW I81919
29 Stevens, John Casson  1931Albury, NSW I6354
30 Talbot, William Edward  1972Albury, NSW I33688
31 Tollard, Sarah  12 Dec 1885Albury, NSW I99999
32 Wornes, Leonard Arthur  29 Nov 2016Albury, NSW I45252


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Burrows, Margaret Mary J.  Albury, NSW I109802
2 Cameron, Bruce Leslie  Albury, NSW I77150
3 Cameron, Ian Francis  Albury, NSW I22225
4 Cameron, Ian Leslie de la Garde  Albury, NSW I77145
5 Cameron, John McPherson  Albury, NSW I91982
6 Cameron, John Thomas  Albury, NSW I64868
7 Cameron, Margaret  Albury, NSW I109842
8 Grinlington, Alice St Leger  Albury, NSW I102737
9 Kelly, Laura Hilda  Albury, NSW I85724
10 Sharp, Annie Florence  Albury, NSW I109798
11 Stewart, Caroline Jane  Albury, NSW I109800
12 Tollard, Sarah  Albury, NSW I99999


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cameron / Adams  1899Albury, NSW F33860
2 Cameron / Sharp  1939Albury, NSW F33861
3 Cameron / Stewart  1911Albury, NSW F33862
4 Cameron / Tollard  1871Albury, NSW F30764
5 Cameron / Treneman  1886Albury, NSW F33436
6 Hallam / McMaster  1941Albury, NSW F27370
7 McLeod / Cameron  1944Albury, NSW F29667
8 McVean / De Mamiel  1903Albury, NSW F27921
9 Nelson / Cameron  13 Jan 1904Albury, NSW F35443
10 Nixon / Ross  12 Jun 1941Albury, NSW F24331
11 O'Neill / Cameron  1929Albury, NSW F36538
12 Stewart / Adams  1897Albury, NSW F34533
13 Tilden / Cameron  1930Albury, NSW F3635

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