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Yarrawonga, Vic



Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Arthur Wallace  1916Yarrawonga, Vic I98219
2 Anderson, William Alfred  1914Yarrawonga, Vic I98218
3 Arnott, Jean Moncrieff Fay  19 Nov 1909Yarrawonga, Vic I85797
4 Arnott, Mary Ethel  7 Dec 1886Yarrawonga, Vic I65167
5 Cameron, Ada Margaret  1906Yarrawonga, Vic I64931
6 Cameron, Ann  1884Yarrawonga, Vic I97703
7 Cameron, Annie Ethel  1894Yarrawonga, Vic I64866
8 Cameron, Archibald Forrester  1893Yarrawonga, Vic I64864
9 Cameron, Barbara  1888Yarrawonga, Vic I97710
10 Cameron, Christine Elizabeth  1903Yarrawonga, Vic I64887
11 Cameron, Donald  9 Aug 1900Yarrawonga, Vic I64903
12 Cameron, Donald Fraser  1880Yarrawonga, Vic I81803
13 Cameron, Ernest James Marshall  1940Yarrawonga, Vic I64989
14 Cameron, Florence Mary  1896Yarrawonga, Vic I64867
15 Cameron, Hugh Murray  1890Yarrawonga, Vic I97711
16 Cameron, Janet  1882Yarrawonga, Vic I97705
17 Cameron, Jessie Evelyn  26 Jan 1913Yarrawonga, Vic I65042
18 Cameron, Jessie May  1902Yarrawonga, Vic I64876
19 Cameron, John  1886Yarrawonga, Vic I97708
20 Cameron, John  1892Yarrawonga, Vic I97712
21 Cameron, John Thomas  1900Yarrawonga, Vic I64868
22 Cameron, Margaret Mary  1878Yarrawonga, Vic I97707
23 Cameron, Mary Ellen  1905Yarrawonga, Vic I64930
24 Cameron, Rosemary Ann  ca 1958Yarrawonga, Vic I101522
25 Cameron, William  1886Yarrawonga, Vic I97709
26 Cameron, William Patrick  5 May 1901Yarrawonga, Vic I11633
27 Crowley, Johanna  1884Yarrawonga, Vic I29247
28 Jennings, Herbert Vincent  20 Dec 1912Yarrawonga, Vic I88996
29 Jones, Rebecca Adeline  26 Jan 1882Yarrawonga, Vic I65165
30 McCurdy, Christina  1896Yarrawonga, Vic I64896
31 McCurdy, Elizabeth  1894Yarrawonga, Vic I64895
32 McCurdy, John Thomas  1889Yarrawonga, Vic I64892
33 McCurdy, John Thomas  1889Yarrawonga, Vic I114721
34 McCurdy, Mary Cameron  1891Yarrawonga, Vic I64893
35 McCurdy, Reginald Charles  1892Yarrawonga, Vic I64894
36 Smith, Amelia  1886Yarrawonga, Vic I64810
37 Smith, Elizabeth  1894Yarrawonga, Vic I64846
38 Smith, James  1898Yarrawonga, Vic I64850
39 Smith, Jessie  1885Yarrawonga, Vic I64808


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Donald Cameron MM  1953Yarrawonga, Vic I15664
2 Arnott, Annie Aitken  8 Apr 1965Yarrawonga, Vic I65141
3 Arnott, Elizabeth Moncrieff  6 Feb 1933Yarrawonga, Vic I65155
4 Arnott, William Hamilton  28 Jan 1963Yarrawonga, Vic I65146
5 Cameron, Ada Margaret  2 Oct 1906Yarrawonga, Vic I64931
6 Cameron, Barbara  1888Yarrawonga, Vic I97710
7 Cameron, Donald  6 Mar 1971Yarrawonga, Vic I64903
8 Cameron, Elizabeth  4 Aug 1910Yarrawonga, Vic I65139
9 Cameron, Helen Janette  13 Mar 1945Yarrawonga, Vic I101513
10 Cameron, James  24 Jul 1975Yarrawonga, Vic I11631
11 Cameron, James Donald  20 Sep 1903Yarrawonga, Vic I64853
12 Cameron, Janet  21 Sep 1878Yarrawonga, Vic I121898
13 Cameron, Janet  1960Yarrawonga, Vic I97705
14 Cameron, John  1894Yarrawonga, Vic I97712
15 Cameron, Margaret Mary  1890Yarrawonga, Vic I97707
16 Cameron, Peter Gunn  1953Yarrawonga, Vic I11332
17 Cameron, Ruby Edna  10 Mar 1987Yarrawonga, Vic I47787
18 Cameron, Sarah  1942Yarrawonga, Vic I64806
19 Cameron, William  1887Yarrawonga, Vic I97709
20 Cameron, William Patrick  14 Nov 1987Yarrawonga, Vic I11633
21 Cleary, Maurice  11 Oct 1990Yarrawonga, Vic I47788
22 Davidson, Beatrice  28 Sep 1896Yarrawonga, Vic I81802
23 McCurdy, Christina  1897Yarrawonga, Vic I64896
24 McCurdy, Elizabeth  1898Yarrawonga, Vic I64895
25 McCurdy, Stanley Bertram  1896Yarrawonga, Vic I64897
26 McKay, Edna Louisa  1924Yarrawonga, Vic I64822
27 McKay, Florence Kathleen  1916Yarrawonga, Vic I64819
28 Smith, Amelia  1957Yarrawonga, Vic I64810
29 Smith, Emily  1915Yarrawonga, Vic I64812
30 Smith, Joseph  1936Yarrawonga, Vic I64807
31 Smith, Josephena  1950Yarrawonga, Vic I64817
32 Symmons, Alice Eleanor  1981Yarrawonga, Vic I101515


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Douglas Clive  Yarrawonga, Vic I91981
2 Cameron, Helen Janette  Yarrawonga, Vic I101513
3 Cameron, Henry Archibald  Yarrawonga, Vic I101516
4 Cameron, Hugh Murray  Yarrawonga, Vic I97711
5 Cameron, Neil Robert  Yarrawonga, Vic I101518
6 Cameron, Peter Gunn  20 Oct 1953Yarrawonga, Vic I11332
7 Cameron, Roma  18 Dec 1955Yarrawonga, Vic I101520
8 Cameron, Rosemary Ann  Yarrawonga, Vic I101522
9 McPherson, Helen Elspeth  Yarrawonga, Vic I101512
10 Miller, Phyllis Mary  Yarrawonga, Vic I101521
11 Munro, May Isobel  Yarrawonga, Vic I101519


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Arnott / Jones  26 May 1904Yarrawonga, Vic F20238

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