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Warrnambool, Vic



Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Browne, Catherine Mary  1894Warrnambool, Vic I86678
2 Browne, Florence Amelia  1893Warrnambool, Vic I86677
3 Browne, Francis John  1908Warrnambool, Vic I86680
4 Browne, Gordon  1885Warrnambool, Vic I86674
5 Browne, Leslie Colin  1891Warrnambool, Vic I86676
6 Browne, Lilly  1883Warrnambool, Vic I86673
7 Browne, Rita Philemma  1901Warrnambool, Vic I86679
8 Browne, Robert McMillan  1881Warrnambool, Vic I86672
9 Cameron, Alan Francis  1910Warrnambool, Vic I116123
10 Cameron, Alice Pearl  1904Warrnambool, Vic I116122
11 Cameron, Alma Alexandra  1906Warrnambool, Vic I116196
12 Cameron, Andrew  1901Warrnambool, Vic I116397
13 Cameron, Charles Alexander  25 Sep 1882Warrnambool, Vic I28469
14 Cameron, Ernest Stewart  29 Apr 1893Warrnambool, Vic I102983
15 Cameron, Ethel Alice  1992Warrnambool, Vic I102982
16 Cameron, Hazel  1912Warrnambool, Vic I122654
17 Cameron, John Geoffrey  1897Warrnambool, Vic I102985
18 Cameron, Leslie Thomas  1902Warrnambool, Vic I116121
19 Cameron, May  1890Warrnambool, Vic I102981
20 Cameron, William John  17 Feb 1903Warrnambool, Vic I122653
21 Cameron, William Stanley  21 Jul 1895Warrnambool, Vic I102984
22 Giblett, William Jackson  1905Warrnambool, Vic I91768
23 Guyett, Alan Lindsay  1948Warrnambool, Vic I80395
24 Irving, William David  1876Warrnambool, Vic I86737
25 Manuel, Donald Cameron  21 Mar 1912Warrnambool, Vic I85425
26 Martin, Annie Doreen  17 Jun 1910Warrnambool, Vic I99027
27 Redford, Clyde Cameron  23 Jan 1883Warrnambool, Vic I61542
28 Redford, Thomas Harold  22 Sep 1880Warrnambool, Vic I61540
29 Saint-Ange d'Amyand, Moya Teresa  11 Apr 1924Warrnambool, Vic I35571
30 Sandiford, Irene Beatrice  1 Sep 1909Warrnambool, Vic I105314
31 Stapleton, Agnes Eileen  1 Jan 1920Warrnambool, Vic I93978
32 Taylor, Margaret Hamilton  28 May 1915Warrnambool, Vic I65185
33 Taylor, Mary Cameron  28 Aug 1917Warrnambool, Vic I65194
34 Whitehead  1912Warrnambool, Vic I89222
35 Whitehead, Leonard  20 Oct 1898Warrnambool, Vic I84669
36 Whitehead, Roy Ernest  21 Dec 1891Warrnambool, Vic I84688


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baulch, Jane Sarah  1969Warrnambool, Vic I86629
2 Browne, Colin John  1923Warrnambool, Vic I15957
3 Browne, John  1920Warrnambool, Vic I15956
4 Browne, Robert McMillan  1951Warrnambool, Vic I86672
5 Browne, William McLaws  1953Warrnambool, Vic I15960
6 Cameron, Alan Francis  19 Feb 1922Warrnambool, Vic I116123
7 Cameron, Albert Slee  23 Jun 1944Warrnambool, Vic I103057
8 Cameron, Archibald  1978Warrnambool, Vic I116399
9 Cameron, Catherine  1903Warrnambool, Vic I15955
10 Cameron, Catherine Annie  1984Warrnambool, Vic I15954
11 Cameron, Colin Robert  1965Warrnambool, Vic I15950
12 Cameron, Donald  2 Aug 1990Warrnambool, Vic I85667
13 Cameron, Donald Samuel Nicholson  1958Warrnambool, Vic I34157
14 Cameron, Ethel Susan  1890Warrnambool, Vic I89936
15 Cameron, Ewen Francis  21 Jul 1987Warrnambool, Vic I44807
16 Cameron, Henry Pleydell  1965Warrnambool, Vic I122220
17 Cameron, John  10 Aug 1926Warrnambool, Vic I91007
18 Cameron, John Geoffrey  1897Warrnambool, Vic I102985
19 Cameron, Kathleen June  6 Jan 2008Warrnambool, Vic I45393
20 Cameron, Mary  4 Mar 1955Warrnambool, Vic I94444
21 Cameron, Mary Alexandra  25 May 1997Warrnambool, Vic I85788
22 Cameron, Robyn Vernon  11 Oct 1971Warrnambool, Vic I15980
23 Cameron, Samuel  1951Warrnambool, Vic I122651
24 Cameron, Sylvia Clarice  21 Feb 1958Warrnambool, Vic I15997
25 Evans, Mary Anne  14 Jul 1996Warrnambool, Vic I86793
26 Forbes, Margaret  1963Warrnambool, Vic I98164
27 Hassett, Annie Elizabeth  1897Warrnambool, Vic I102980
28 Heales, Lexie Rhoda  1954Warrnambool, Vic I60165
29 Lewis, George Gordon  1985Warrnambool, Vic I98170
30 McCluskey, Sarah  28 Jun 1947Warrnambool, Vic I33833
31 McLeod, Dugald  1933Warrnambool, Vic I5497
32 Parker, Edith Mary  25 Sep 1942Warrnambool, Vic I82786
33 Paull, Harold Austin Spencer  1962Warrnambool, Vic I85731
34 Poole, Florence Victoria  1953Warrnambool, Vic I59667
35 Surkitt, Catherine  15 Apr 1944Warrnambool, Vic I15949
36 Tabor, Eric Frank  1970Warrnambool, Vic I98172
37 Tate, Eliza Jane  1904Warrnambool, Vic I116711
38 Walter, Ada Caroline  9 Feb 1946Warrnambool, Vic I122652
39 Whitehead  1912Warrnambool, Vic I89222
40 Whitehead, George Henry  30 Mar 1944Warrnambool, Vic I60171
41 Whitehead, Jeffrey Allan  1970Warrnambool, Vic I82727
42 Whitehead, Jeffrey Colin  6 Apr 1969Warrnambool, Vic I60172


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Baulch, Jane Sarah  21 Feb 1969Warrnambool, Vic I86629
2 Cameron, Colin Robert  25 Nov 1965Warrnambool, Vic I15950
3 Cameron, Ethel Susan  31 Jan 1890Warrnambool, Vic I89936
4 Cameron, May  25 Jan 1924Warrnambool, Vic I102981
5 Cameron, William Stanley  28 Dec 1920Warrnambool, Vic I102984
6 Hassett, Annie Elizabeth  4 Nov 1897Warrnambool, Vic I102980
7 Parker, Edith Mary  Warrnambool, Vic I82786
8 Twomey, John  Warrnambool, Vic I82782


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cameron / Hassett  1889Warrnambool, Vic F31797
2 Cameron / Mawbey  1 Jun 1882Warrnambool, Vic F19088
3 Cameron / Parkinson  11 Jun 1924Warrnambool, Vic F31798
4 Cameron / Surkitt  2 Jan 1885Warrnambool, Vic F4892
5 Halliwell / Bathgate  1955Warrnambool, Vic F26575
6 Twomey / Parker  30 Apr 1894Warrnambool, Vic F25294

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