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St Kilda, Vic



Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Donald Kenmore  1894St Kilda, Vic I102720
2 Cameron, Elizabeth  10 Jan 1892St Kilda, Vic I107500
3 Cameron, Henry Gervais (Jervis)  19 Feb 1876St Kilda, Vic I94337
4 Cameron, Ida Lynette  1917St Kilda, Vic I32300
5 Cameron, Lillian Maud McNaughton  1875St Kilda, Vic I98274
6 Cameron, Margaret  1873St Kilda, Vic I115883
7 Cameron, Marie Madeleine  19 Sep 1881St Kilda, Vic I95487
8 Cameron, Robert Keats  8 Apr 1913St Kilda, Vic I51711
9 Cameron, Verney Lovett  19 Feb 1876St Kilda, Vic I12724
10 Cameron, William  2 Jul 1879St Kilda, Vic I65245
11 Campbell, Annie Laurie Ferguson  1853St Kilda, Vic I87319
12 Chapman, James Cameron  1856St Kilda, Vic I119438
13 Dixon, Beryl Ada  1907St Kilda, Vic I98286
14 Dixon, Claude Cameron  1895St Kilda, Vic I98282
15 Dixon, Olive Myrtle  1906St Kilda, Vic I98285
16 Dixon, Percival George  1898St Kilda, Vic I98283
17 Dixon, Rupert Frederick  1903St Kilda, Vic I98284
18 Glascott, Ethel Maud  1879St Kilda, Vic I109073
19 Glascott, William Bruce  1877St Kilda, Vic I109072
20 Haughton, William Neville  1911St Kilda, Vic I32334
21 Higginbottom, Jessie  1892St Kilda, Vic I91798
22 Leith-Buchanan, John Wellesley Macdonald  22 May 1908St Kilda, Vic I91319
23 McLean, Gladys Alma  1896St Kilda, Vic I86320
24 Nolan, Marjorie Irene  1919St Kilda, Vic I119412
25 Norman, Elizabeth Janet Cameron  8 Feb 1918St Kilda, Vic I60248
26 Norman, Lieut. Graham Donald Cameron  1919St Kilda, Vic I60264
27 Porter, Dorothea Evaline  1 Aug 1893St Kilda, Vic I91308
28 Porter, George Selwyn  20 Oct 1886St Kilda, Vic I91305
29 Porter, John Alfrey  10 Mar 1882St Kilda, Vic I91303
30 Porter, Mary Ida  1889St Kilda, Vic I91306
31 Porter, Vivyan Kingsley  29 Jan 1892St Kilda, Vic I91307
32 Ross, Lilian Mary  1870St Kilda, Vic I105646
33 Sidebottom, John William  1906St Kilda, Vic I86315
34 Sinclair, Donald Gillespie  1901St Kilda, Vic I105820
35 Walker, Huon Cameron  1890St Kilda, Vic I83607
36 Walker, Marjorie Maybelle  25 Sep 1894St Kilda, Vic I83608
37 Wilson, Chesney Clarence  2 Mar 1873St Kilda, Vic I13167


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, Katherine Rudolf  10 Jun 1949St Kilda, Vic I31396
2 Armstrong, John James  11 Oct 1907St Kilda, Vic I87143
3 Branscombe, Mary  6 Sep 1888St Kilda, Vic I98268
4 Brown, Amelia Taylor  28 Sep 1934St Kilda, Vic I116185
5 Buscombe, Clive Jack Kestell  1888St Kilda, Vic I82791
6 Cameron, Alfred George Tucker  22 Dec 1935St Kilda, Vic I104496
7 Cameron, Rev. Andrew  17 Dec 1877St Kilda, Vic I81337
8 Cameron, Ann  1942St Kilda, Vic I32103
9 Cameron, Christina Margaret  18 Jun 1935St Kilda, Vic I60981
10 Cameron, Colin Lewis  ca 1962St Kilda, Vic I86395
11 Cameron, Emily  1946St Kilda, Vic I101476
12 Cameron, Flora  11 Aug 1939St Kilda, Vic I32122
13 Cameron, Henry Gervais (Jervis)  11 Dec 1876St Kilda, Vic I94337
14 Cameron, James Harry Branscombe  1887St Kilda, Vic I78258
15 Cameron, Jane  12 Oct 1897St Kilda, Vic I81338
16 Cameron, John  3 Jul 1918St Kilda, Vic I50765
17 Cameron, John Phillip  1 Nov 1880St Kilda, Vic I78527
18 Cameron, Joseph Lang  18 Jul 1914St Kilda, Vic I102749
19 Cameron, Katherine  15 Nov 1946St Kilda, Vic I32123
20 Cameron, Lilian May  6 Jun 1926St Kilda, Vic I122307
21 Cameron, Magdelene Dunlop  4 May 1914St Kilda, Vic I103109
22 Cameron, Margaret Mary Jane  12 Dec 1920St Kilda, Vic I78495
23 Cameron, Mary Ann  24 Sep 1919St Kilda, Vic I102746
24 Cameron, Peter Owler  14 Aug 1948St Kilda, Vic I48427
25 Cameron, Samuel  15 Oct 1909St Kilda, Vic I98511
26 Cameron, Sara  1939St Kilda, Vic I31972
27 Cameron, Thomas James  1976St Kilda, Vic I78666
28 Cameron, William Cunningham  10 Feb 1914St Kilda, Vic I109076
29 Cameron, William John  1933St Kilda, Vic I95639
30 Clarke, Leandre Armytage  13 Jan 1893St Kilda, Vic I60156
31 Dixon, Claude Cameron  1895St Kilda, Vic I98282
32 Embling, Ethel Elfleda Austin  6 Feb 1898St Kilda, Vic I34144
33 Fairlie, Catherine Dora  1954St Kilda, Vic I100981
34 Fleming, Donald  29 Sep 1940St Kilda, Vic I23654
35 Gleeson, Patrick Joseph  1935St Kilda, Vic I95900
36 Houston, Hessy  1925St Kilda, Vic I116218
37 Keogh, Ellen  24 Jul 1894St Kilda, Vic I60224
38 Kerr, Margaret Jane  8 Mar 1905St Kilda, Vic I52678
39 Lapsley, Irene Vera  21 Jun 1951St Kilda, Vic I109914
40 McBean, Mary  22 Aug 1923St Kilda, Vic I102838
41 McKenzie, Amelia  11 Oct 1922St Kilda, Vic I96679
42 McVean, Alexander Donald  12 Jul 1884St Kilda, Vic I91253
43 Meaney, Marianne  8 Dec 1885St Kilda, Vic I115854
44 Nolan, Sidney Henry  1965St Kilda, Vic I119401
45 Ross, Donald Keith  1941St Kilda, Vic I20646
46 Ross, Jessie Doris  29 Jul 1977St Kilda, Vic I59995
47 Ryan, Mary Ann Frances  25 Dec 1916St Kilda, Vic I111278
48 Sidebottom, Florence Emma  1957St Kilda, Vic I85846
49 Spicer, Maria Caroline Whitlock  18 Feb 1897St Kilda, Vic I115934
50 Watts, Laura  27 May 1950St Kilda, Vic I109912

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Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Armstrong, Janet Margaret  St Kilda, Vic I87146
2 Armstrong, Jemima Scott  St Kilda, Vic I87120
3 Armstrong, John James  St Kilda, Vic I87143
4 Armstrong, Thomas St. Ives John  St Kilda, Vic I87144
5 Buscombe, Monica Kestell  St Kilda, Vic I82798
6 Cameron, Catherine Jessie  St Kilda, Vic I86357
7 Cameron, David  25 Oct 1892St Kilda, Vic I120277
8 Cameron, Elizabeth  St Kilda, Vic I20163
9 Cameron, James  St Kilda, Vic I77116
10 Cameron, Joann  13 Nov 1884St Kilda, Vic I107475
11 Cameron, John  22 Feb 1868St Kilda, Vic I77546
12 Cameron, John MacNiven  St Kilda, Vic I81276
13 Cameron, Marion  16 Oct 1886St Kilda, Vic I107474
14 Cameron, Sarah  St Kilda, Vic I60155
15 Cameron, Sarah  14 Aug 1900St Kilda, Vic I121976
16 Clarke, Norman Alexander  St Kilda, Vic I60157
17 Littlewood, Maude Augusta  St Kilda, Vic I86363
18 McIntyre, Mary Elizabeth  St Kilda, Vic I82738
19 McVean, Alexander John  St Kilda, Vic I87128
20 McVean, Annie  St Kilda, Vic I87129
21 McVean, Armstrong Poliah  St Kilda, Vic I82800
22 McVean, John  St Kilda, Vic I77536
23 McVean, Margaret  St Kilda, Vic I87124
24 Robertson, Ruby Esson Elizabeth Ormond  St Kilda, Vic I87142
25 Southey, Clara Elizabeth  St Kilda, Vic I29521
26 Turnbull, Mary Anne  St Kilda, Vic I20241
27 Young, Elizabeth  25 Jul 1910St Kilda, Vic I77547


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cameron / Cole  23 Aug 1933St Kilda, Vic F36187
2 Cameron / Cottman  18 Jun 1903St Kilda, Vic F1109
3 Cameron / Embling  25 Oct 1893St Kilda, Vic F10629
4 Cameron / Farmer  23 Jul 1921St Kilda, Vic F21959
5 Cameron / Fraser  7 Apr 1875St Kilda, Vic F3936
6 Cameron / Garrow  11 Sep 1943St Kilda, Vic F36086
7 Cameron / Heathcote  19 Jan 1891St Kilda, Vic F38012
8 Cameron / Hughes  7 Apr 1863St Kilda, Vic F33458
9 Cameron / Hume  22 Jun 1921St Kilda, Vic F1173
10 Cameron / Hunter  24 Oct 1923St Kilda, Vic F31923
11 Cameron / Parsons  21 Oct 1925St Kilda, Vic F28177
12 Cameron / Rankin  21 Feb 1883St Kilda, Vic F33651
13 Cameron / Turriff  16 Dec 1925St Kilda, Vic F6313
14 Crotty / Cameron  19 Apr 1911St Kilda, Vic F25455
15 Fitton / Cameron  22 Apr 1895St Kilda, Vic F18661
16 Forster / Easterbrook  23 Feb 1946St Kilda, Vic F8111
17 Hanstein / Cameron  18 Aug 1945St Kilda, Vic F38259
18 Manly / Cameron  13 Nov 1884St Kilda, Vic F33652
19 McDonald / Cameron  1 Oct 1924St Kilda, Vic F4845
20 McLeod / Chick  31 Oct 1912St Kilda, Vic F34089
21 McVean / Snodgrass  11 Apr 1901St Kilda, Vic F28288
22 Smith / Ashman  Aug 1925St Kilda, Vic F20140
23 Williams / Cameron  ca Jun 1930St Kilda, Vic F31759

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