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Port Macquarie, NSW



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blanch, Daniel Roy  3 Sep 1909Port Macquarie, NSW I2040
2 Blanch, George Raymond  19 Apr 1908Port Macquarie, NSW I2039
3 Bransdon, Emily  19 Jan 1885Port Macquarie, NSW I2186
4 Bransdon, Herbert John  8 Apr 1904Port Macquarie, NSW I2356
5 Bransdon, John  13 Aug 1891Port Macquarie, NSW I2206
6 Bransdon, William E.  1889Port Macquarie, NSW I2251
7 Bransdon, Winifred Ann  22 Dec 1899Port Macquarie, NSW I2225
8 Brock, Bridget  1854Port Macquarie, NSW I114238
9 Browning, Dorothy E.  1905Port Macquarie, NSW I102318
10 Browning, Mary  1907Port Macquarie, NSW I102319
11 Browning, Percival William  1900Port Macquarie, NSW I102316
12 Browning, Reuben Thomas  1903Port Macquarie, NSW I102317
13 Cameron, Albert  1908Port Macquarie, NSW I102311
14 Cameron, Alexander Campbell  ca 1844Port Macquarie, NSW I30711
15 Cameron, Angus  1907Port Macquarie, NSW I101710
16 Cameron, Clara  7 Aug 1881Port Macquarie, NSW I2547
17 Cameron, Daphne May  1912Port Macquarie, NSW I117288
18 Cameron, David  8 Aug 1840Port Macquarie, NSW I2554
19 Cameron, Elizabeth Steele  1904Port Macquarie, NSW I101709
20 Cameron, Ethel  17 Jun 1900Port Macquarie, NSW I2364
21 Cameron, Henry  5 Jan 1862Port Macquarie, NSW I2100
22 Cameron, Isabella  30 Dec 1881Port Macquarie, NSW I7709
23 Cameron, Louisa  1 Jul 1879Port Macquarie, NSW I2512
24 Cameron, Mary Ann  15 Mar 1885Port Macquarie, NSW I2362
25 Chelman, Adolphus Karl  1894Port Macquarie, NSW I102346
26 Coombes, Alexander  1906Port Macquarie, NSW I1671
27 Coombes, Alfred  1887Port Macquarie, NSW I1668
28 Coombes, Alice  6 Dec 1890Port Macquarie, NSW I1669
29 Coombes, Cecil Isaac  1906Port Macquarie, NSW I1538
30 Coombes, David  1893Port Macquarie, NSW I1705
31 Coombes, David Henry  1908Port Macquarie, NSW I1551
32 Coombes, Edmund  1895Port Macquarie, NSW I1711
33 Coombes, Isaac  1883Port Macquarie, NSW I1493
34 Coombes, Mary  1891Port Macquarie, NSW I1683
35 Coombes, Reuben Edward  20 Oct 1914Port Macquarie, NSW I1581
36 Coombes, Walter  1885Port Macquarie, NSW I1664
37 Dick, Rennie James  1914Port Macquarie, NSW I2809
38 Fowler, Archibald Keith  4 Aug 1908Port Macquarie, NSW I1480
39 Henderson, Anne  30 Mar 1855Port Macquarie, NSW I20620
40 Hibbard, Edwin St John  25 Jun 1889Port Macquarie, NSW I1717
41 Hibbard, Elizabeth Ellen  14 Aug 1934Port Macquarie, NSW I1730
42 Hibbard, Marie Kathleen  14 Mar 1922Port Macquarie, NSW I1722
43 Higgins, Allan McCombe  1 Dec 1904Port Macquarie, NSW I1475
44 Higgins, Bertie  28 Mar 1907Port Macquarie, NSW I1477
45 Higgins, Maggie Christina  1897Port Macquarie, NSW I1472
46 Higgins, Ronald George  7 Jun 1905Port Macquarie, NSW I1476
47 Higgins, William Henry Andrew  13 Dec 1901Port Macquarie, NSW I1474
48 Hyde, Daphne D.  1911Port Macquarie, NSW I2523
49 Hyde, Della A.  1907Port Macquarie, NSW I2521
50 Hyde, Dorothy M.  1913Port Macquarie, NSW I2529

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Cameron, David  13 Sep 1840Port Macquarie, NSW I2554
2 Cameron, John  25 Jul 1837Port Macquarie, NSW I2548
3 Cameron, William  28 Oct 1838Port Macquarie, NSW I1466


Matches 1 to 50 of 69

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Blanche, Dorothy Lillian  8 Jun 1991Port Macquarie, NSW I117477
2 Bransdon, Eliza  4 Apr 1888Port Macquarie, NSW I2205
3 Bransdon, John  23 Aug 1891Port Macquarie, NSW I2206
4 Browning, Mary  1907Port Macquarie, NSW I102319
5 Cameron, Albert  1908Port Macquarie, NSW I102311
6 Cameron, Alexander  1942Port Macquarie, NSW I110701
7 Cameron, Allan  1929Port Macquarie, NSW I77720
8 Cameron, Angus  Oct 1949Port Macquarie, NSW I6202
9 Cameron, Anne  1917Port Macquarie, NSW I59608
10 Cameron, Beryl Mary  8 Nov 2016Port Macquarie, NSw I23123
11 Cameron, Campbell Alan  1 Mar 2020Port Macquarie, NSW I43616
12 Cameron, David  5 May 1841Port Macquarie, NSW I2554
13 Cameron, Henry  7 Aug 1938Port Macquarie, NSW I2100
14 Cameron, Isabella  30 Apr 1962Port Macquarie, NSW I7709
15 Cameron, Jane  6 Feb 1940Port Macquarie, NSW I1470
16 Cameron, John Cameron  Nov 1987Port Macquarie, NSW I87709
17 Cameron, Leonard John  20 Dec 1994Port Macquarie, NSW I81937
18 Cameron, Louisa  29 Aug 1961Port Macquarie, NSW I2512
19 Cameron, Mary Ann  20 Aug 1953Port Macquarie, NSW I2362
20 Cameron, William  1 Jan 1904Port Macquarie, NSW I1466
21 Chandler, Edward Arthur  16 Dec 1960Port Macquarie, NSW I2799
22 Chandler, Gladys May  1 Aug 1997Port Macquarie, NSW I2808
23 Clark, Geoffrey Malcolm  9 May 2011Port Macquarie, NSw I96209
24 Coombe, Stanley Victor  1961Port Macquarie, NSW I74457
25 Coombes, David  10 Aug 1933Port Macquarie, NSW I1705
26 Coombes, Isaac  27 Mar 1970Port Macquarie, NSW I1493
27 Coombes, Martha  3 Aug 1984Port Macquarie, NSW I1716
28 Coombes, Walter  17 May 1944Port Macquarie, NSW I1664
29 Crosby, Joseph Alexander  1 Jan 1954Port Macquarie, NSW I30376
30 Daly, Eileen Mary  1947Port Macquarie, NSW I1679
31 Duff, Heather Christina  23 Aug 1984Port Macquarie, NSW I110072
32 Ellis, Gordon John Cameron  1972Port Macquarie, NSW I124752
33 Flemming, Lillian May  1958Port Macquarie, NSW I102947
34 Flemming, Phyllis Adelaide  1957Port Macquarie, NSW I102954
35 Fowler, Oliver William Herbert  17 Oct 1999Port Macquarie, NSW I17940
36 Fraser, Eric Muriel  2005Port Macquarie, NSW I9311
37 Gray, Myra  21 May 2004Port Macquarie, NSW I17904
38 Hibbard, Edwin St John  25 Feb 1955Port Macquarie, NSW I1717
39 Hibbard, Joan Angela  24 Jun 1961Port Macquarie, NSW I1718
40 Hibbard, John Bernard  22 Nov 2005Port Macquarie, NSW I1732
41 Hibbard, Joseph Lawrence  6 Aug 2007Port Macquarie, NSW I1728
42 Hibbard, Marie Kathleen  30 Aug 2011Port Macquarie, NSW I1722
43 Higgins, Bertie  29 Jul 1965Port Macquarie, NSW I1477
44 Higgins, George R.  1935Port Macquarie, NSW I102836
45 Hollis, Elizabeth Martha  1954Port Macquarie, NSW I77716
46 Kennedy, Donald Cameron  11 Jul 1947Port Macquarie, NSW I1285
47 Liley, Leslie Gordon  29 Jul 1937Port Macquarie, NSW I103885
48 Maguire, Minnie E.  1930Port Macquarie, NSW I20996
49 McKinnon, Alexander Donald  1938Port Macquarie, NSW I77715
50 McKinnon, Neil  1948Port Macquarie, NSW I94935

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Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Henry  Port Macquarie, NSW I2100
2 Hyde, James Stanley  Port Macquarie, NSW I2532
3 Hyde, John Edward  Port Macquarie, NSW I2514
4 Kennedy, Donald Cameron  Port Macquarie, NSW I1285


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bosanquet / Kennedy  1905Port Macquarie, NSW F30914
2 Bosanquet / Kennedy  1916Port Macquarie, NSW F30916
3 Brooker / Steele  1948Port Macquarie, NSW F6453
4 Cameron / Ball  1942Port Macquarie, NSW F31354
5 Cameron / Lamb  1942Port Macquarie, NSW F129
6 Cameron / McLeod  1885Port Macquarie, NSW F2848
7 Cameron / Steel  5 Nov 1902Port Macquarie, NSW F25736
8 Cameron / Wootton  1907Port Macquarie, NSW F35247
9 Chelman / Higgins  1917Port Macquarie, NSW F31573
10 Coombes / Stokes  1938Port Macquarie, NSW F513
11 Davies / Tuckfield  25 Oct 1917Port Macquarie, NSW F11673
12 Gillis / Maxwell  1934Port Macquarie, NSW F678
13 Herd / Hibbard  13 Dec 1947Port Macquarie, NSW F557
14 Higgins / Cameron  1897Port Macquarie, NSW F469
15 Higgins / Waldron  1927Port Macquarie, NSW F31575
16 Kennedy / Coombes  1905Port Macquarie, NSW F30915
17 Lyon / Hibbard  12 Feb 1949Port Macquarie, NSW F555
18 McWhirter / Cameron  20 Jun 1918Port Macquarie, NSW F808
19 Oakes / Kemp  1874Port Macquarie, NSW F29825
20 Roods / Cameron  1928Port Macquarie, NSW F31355
21 Smith / Bransdon  2 Nov 1903Port Macquarie, NSW F741
22 Stace / Steele  1937Port Macquarie, NSW F6371
23 Steele / Brest  1929Port Macquarie, NSW F6267
24 Steele / Doak  1931Port Macquarie, NSW F6276
25 Torrens / Newton  1948Port Macquarie, NSW F813
26 White / Coombes  1901Port Macquarie, NSW F6270
27 Young / Daly  1947Port Macquarie, NSW F533

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