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Mortlake, Vic



Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Armstrong, Nicolata Nina  1869Mortlake, Vic I82747
2 Cameron, Agnes Violet  1872Mortlake, Vic I95723
3 Cameron, Ann Elizabeth  1868Mortlake, Vic I95721
4 Cameron, Annabel  1885Mortlake, Vic I83777
5 Cameron, Annabella  1876Mortlake, Vic I94439
6 Cameron, Annie  23 Jul 1881Mortlake, Vic I94441
7 Cameron, Catherine Violet  1890Mortlake, Vic I83779
8 Cameron, Charles Alexander  22 Apr 1863Mortlake, Vic I29340
9 Cameron, Donald  1872Mortlake, Vic I94438
10 Cameron, Ewen  8 Mar 1869Mortlake, Vic I92011
11 Cameron, Ewen  1871Mortlake, Vic I94422
12 Cameron, Ewen  20 Dec 1874Mortlake, Vic I83771
13 Cameron, Flora  1876Mortlake, Vic I95724
14 Cameron, Hannah Cawker  1875Mortlake, Vic I95719
15 Cameron, Henry Whitson  1904Mortlake, Vic I29329
16 Cameron, Isabella  1868Mortlake, Vic I111677
17 Cameron, Isabella  1884Mortlake, Vic I94442
18 Cameron, James  1883Mortlake, Vic I83776
19 Cameron, Jane  1878Mortlake, Vic I94440
20 Cameron, John  1869Mortlake, Vic I94437
21 Cameron, John  1869Mortlake, Vic I94445
22 Cameron, John Cawker  1878Mortlake, Vic I95725
23 Cameron, Mary Cawker  1871Mortlake, Vic I95722
24 Cameron, Robert Duncan  9 May 1867Mortlake, Vic I29500
25 Cameron, William  12 Jun 1865Mortlake, Vic I29341
26 Cameron, William James  1886Mortlake, Vic I94443
27 Doyle, John Pagan  1878Mortlake, Vic I85679
28 McCurdy, Thomas Edmund  1882Mortlake, Vic I86759
29 Wallace, Stanley Moncrief  1872Mortlake, Vic I84576
30 Wallace, Willliam  1870Mortlake, Vic I84575


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Alexander William  6 Jun 1937Mortlake, Vic I35502
2 Cameron, Catherine  30 Apr 1912Mortlake, Vic I29321
3 Cameron, Catherine  1915Mortlake, Vic I30075
4 Cameron, Charles Alexander  2 Jun 1935Mortlake, Vic I29340
5 Cameron, Christina  22 Apr 1941Mortlake, Vic I94436
6 Cameron, Dolina Jessie  1945Mortlake, Vic I83778
7 Cameron, Donald  May 1872Mortlake, Vic I94438
8 Cameron, Donald  1883Mortlake, Vic I30053
9 Cameron, Duncan  14 Oct 1936Mortlake, Vic I30077
10 Cameron, Flora  1955Mortlake, Vic I116396
11 Cameron, Henry Whitson  23 Dec 1926Mortlake, Vic I29329
12 Cameron, Isabella  7 Jul 1944Mortlake, Vic I30083
13 Cameron, Isabella  1963Mortlake, Vic I111677
14 Cameron, James McKenzie  1878Mortlake, Vic I83772
15 Cameron, John  24 Dec 1897Mortlake, Vic I29320
16 Cameron, John  1976Mortlake, Vic I116394
17 Cameron, John Duncan  4 Mar 1949Mortlake, Vic I83773
18 Cameron, Mary Elizabeth  15 Jan 1940Mortlake, Vic I83774
19 Cameron, Robert Duncan  15 Jun 1946Mortlake, Vic I29500
20 Cameron, William James  26 May 1892Mortlake, Vic I94443
21 Connelly, Ellen Agnes  4 Jun 1946Mortlake, Vic I116392
22 Galbraith, Marion  28 Jan 1948Mortlake, Vic I85678
23 Gale, Leslie Robert  1953Mortlake, Vic I115569
24 Haydon, William Thomas  1986Mortlake, Vic I87312
25 Irving, Henry Wilson  1891Mortlake, Vic I86734
26 Manuel, William Beach  23 Feb 1962Mortlake, Vic I85423
27 McKenzie, Annie  19 Jan 1924Mortlake, Vic I30080
28 McKenzie, Elizabeth  20 Aug 1933Mortlake, Vic I30078
29 Noonan, Mary Eileen  19 Jun 1990Mortlake, Vic I15981
30 Phelan, Mary Elizabeth  2 May 1903Mortlake, Vic I28202
31 Wallace, Stanley Moncrief  1873Mortlake, Vic I84576
32 Whitson, Frances Maria  9 Oct 1947Mortlake, Vic I29323


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Brooks, Mary Ellen  20 Oct 1968Mortlake, Vic I101502
2 Cameron, Annabel  11 May 1976Mortlake, Vic I83777
3 Cameron, Annie  Mortlake, Vic I94441
4 Cameron, Catherine  30 Sep 1915Mortlake, Vic I30075
5 Cameron, Charles Alexander  Mortlake, Vic I29340
6 Cameron, Christina  Mortlake, Vic I94436
7 Cameron, Donald  Mortlake, Vic I94446
8 Cameron, Henry Whitson  Mortlake, Vic I29329
9 Cameron, Isabella  Mortlake, Vic I94442
10 Cameron, James  2 Oct 1972Mortlake, Vic I83776
11 Cameron, Jane  Mortlake, Vic I94440
12 Cameron, John  5 Dec 1930Mortlake, Vic I29322
13 Cameron, John Duncan  6 Mar 1949Mortlake, Vic I83773
14 Cameron, Margaret Stuart  18 Aug 1913Mortlake, Vic I83775
15 Cameron, Mary  Mortlake, Vic I94444
16 Cameron, Mary Elizabeth  16 Jan 1940Mortlake, Vic I83774
17 Cameron, Robert Duncan  Mortlake, Vic I29500
18 McKenzie, Annie  Mortlake, Vic I30080
19 Swift, Florence Marion  2 Jan 1960Mortlake, Vic I39987


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cameron / McKenzie  29 Dec 1871Mortlake, Vic F9265
2 Doyle / Galbraith  1908Mortlake, Vic F26191
3 McIntyre / Armstrong  27 Jan 1892Mortlake, Vic F25278
4 Wallace / Cameron  5 Jul 1868Mortlake, Vic F20209

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