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Horsham, Vic



Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brooks, George  30 Jan 1882Horsham, Vic I12377
2 Brown, William Henry  1895Horsham, Vic I72037
3 Brown, William Henry  1914Horsham, Vic I72039
4 Cameron, Catherine Isabella  1885Horsham, Vic I97370
5 Cameron, Christina Muriel  1905Horsham, Vic I28322
6 Cameron, Donald Roy  30 Oct 1895Horsham, Vic I28381
7 Cameron, Donald Wallace  18 Dec 1922Horsham, Vic I122254
8 Cameron, John Robert  31 Mar 1903Horsham, Vic I28317
9 Cameron, Larissa Lea  12 Mar 1991Horsham, Vic I89365
10 Cameron, Lindsay Ernest  1903Horsham, Vic I28321
11 Cameron, Margaret Hope McLean  2 Jun 1871Horsham, Vic I20266
12 Cameron, Rhonda June  18 Jun 1964Horsham, Vic I28353
13 Cameron, Ronalleyn Hilary  1919Horsham, Vic I79569
14 Cameron, Violet Dazeline  1901Horsham, Vic I28316
15 Campbell, Keith Hugh  1918Horsham, Vic I112935
16 Campbell, Lesley Joyce  8 Dec 1916Horsham, Vic I112937
17 Cochran, Kevin McNeish  1 Oct 1923Horsham, Vic I103564
18 Crowley, Edward  1902Horsham, Vic I28285
19 Crowley, Gilbert William  1892Horsham, Vic I28287
20 Crowley, James  1899Horsham, Vic I28296
21 Crowley, Jane  1897Horsham, Vic I28295
22 Crowley, Jessie  1904Horsham, Vic I89315
23 Crowley, Thomas  1894Horsham, Vic I28288
24 Dunne, Richard Joseph  10 Apr 1885Horsham, Vic I102994
25 Hallam, Catherine Gertrude  1909Horsham, Vic I28375
26 Hallam, Leila Christina  1902Horsham, Vic I28374
27 Hobbs, Ivan Wilfred  31 Dec 1934Horsham, Vic I47955
28 McLachlan, John  1863Horsham, Vic I96753
29 McPhee, William  1905Horsham, Vic I84897
30 Meagher, Mary Ann  16 Jun 1858Horsham, Vic I60544
31 Wilson, Florence Mabel  1869Horsham, Vic I13164


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Andrew, Elsie Joyce  20 May 1987Horsham, Vic I103673
2 Cameron, Alexander  26 Aug 1910Horsham, Vic I28424
3 Cameron, Alexander Duncan  14 Jun 1947Horsham, Vic I34080
4 Cameron, Allan  30 Aug 1910Horsham, Vic I28426
5 Cameron, Christina Muriel  8 Jan 1948Horsham, Vic I28322
6 Cameron, David  1952Horsham, Vic I99358
7 Cameron, Donald  20 Apr 1926Horsham, Vic I20276
8 Cameron, Donald Wallace  26 Aug 1916Horsham, Vic I28354
9 Cameron, Donald Wallace  18 Dec 1922Horsham, Vic I122254
10 Cameron, Elizabeth Augusta  1918Horsham, Vic I101453
11 Cameron, John Robert  1983Horsham, Vic I28317
12 Cameron, Kenneth  17 Jan 1928Horsham, Vic I60932
13 Cameron, Larissa Lea  12 Mar 1991Horsham, Vic I89365
14 Cameron, Norman Leslie  1984Horsham, Vic I28332
15 Cameron, Rhonda June  1996Horsham, Vic I28353
16 Cameron, Robert Martin  22 Jun 1909Horsham, Vic I28436
17 Cameron, Ronald  17 Jul 1907Horsham, Vic I28281
18 Cameron, Ross Alexander  17 Aug 1967Horsham, Vic I101091
19 Cameron, Violet Dazeline  31 Aug 1910Horsham, Vic I28316
20 Crowley, Darcy  1913Horsham, Vic I28286
21 Crowley, James  1972Horsham, Vic I28296
22 Edgar, Mary  23 Dec 1931Horsham, Vic I99349
23 Hallam, William  1 Jan 1960Horsham, Vic I28376
24 Hobbs, Ivan Wilfred  20 Jul 2016Horsham, Vic I47955
25 Matthews, Winifred  16 Nov 1962Horsham, Vic I72031
26 McLay, Ann  25 Oct 1892Horsham, Vic I77242
27 McRae, David  Nov 1877Horsham, Vic I94778
28 McTavish, May Elizabeth  2 Oct 1963Horsham, Vic I34081
29 Sartain, Charles Turnbull  22 Nov 1985Horsham, Vic I29718


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Brown, William Henry  Horsham, Vic I72037
2 Cameron, Angus  3 Oct 1894Horsham, Vic I77241
3 Cameron, John Robert  14 Sep 1983Horsham, Vic I28317
4 Cameron, Norman Leslie  20 Jun 1984Horsham, Vic I28332
5 Cameron, Thomas  5 Apr 1956Horsham, Vic I79555
6 Cameron, William Alexander  17 Jun 1981Horsham, Vic I28301
7 Hobbs, Ivan Wilfred  Horsham, Vic I47955
8 Matthews, Miriam  30 Jan 1951Horsham, Vic I79556
9 Matthews, Winifred  Horsham, Vic I72031
10 McCalman, Vera May  4 Jun 1974Horsham, Vic I28302
11 McLay, Ann  27 Oct 1892Horsham, Vic I77242
12 McRae, Isabella  Horsham, Vic I28282
13 Robertson, Margaret  Horsham, Vic I47971
14 Wilson, Ivy Elizabeth  4 May 2006Horsham, Vic I28318


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Boase / Cameron  7 Nov 1881Horsham, Vic F31707
2 Higgins / Maple  Horsham, Vic F24437
3 McCalman / Cameron  1871Horsham, Vic F30943
4 McDonald / Cameron  11 Mar 1880Horsham, Vic F30566
5 Mibus / Cameron  15 Jul 1954Horsham, Vic F10611

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