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Heidelberg, Vic



Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Elsie Willis  1901Heidelberg, Vic I114501
2 Cameron, Mary Agnes  1905Heidelberg, Vic I32248
3 Cameron, Norman Alfred  23 May 1897Heidelberg, Vic I3131
4 Dixon, Norman Clarence  1911Heidelberg, Vic I98290
5 Dixon, Unice Molly  1913Heidelberg, Vic I98288
6 Dixon, Vera Gwendoline  1910Heidelberg, Vic I98287
7 Dixon, Walter Alexander  1915Heidelberg, Vic I98289
8 Greaves, Glenarde  ca 1898Heidelberg, Vic I32643
9 McCallum, Kenneth Hugh Cameron  1894Heidelberg, Vic I61995
10 McCallum, Malcolm Cameron  1890Heidelberg, Vic I61964
11 McCallum, Martha Haliburton  1887Heidelberg, Vic I61980


Matches 1 to 50 of 89

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arnott, Evelyn May  1971Heidelberg, Vic I65231
2 Bayly, Bruce Joseph  24 May 1982Heidelberg, Vic I102128
3 Bowie, Margaret  11 Jul 1954Heidelberg, Vic I97739
4 Browne, John  1937Heidelberg, Vic I15959
5 Browne, Leslie Colin  1964Heidelberg, Vic I86676
6 Cameron, Alan Donald  1979Heidelberg, Vic I116693
7 Cameron, Alexander  25 May 1903Heidelberg, Vic I86354
8 Cameron, Alexander Donald  1971Heidelberg, Vic I116844
9 Cameron, Alister Linton  14 Jun 1968Heidelberg, Vic I60113
10 Cameron, Allan Duncan  4 Aug 1951Heidelberg, Vic I122837
11 Cameron, Bruce  20 Jun 1949Heidelberg, Vic I77598
12 Cameron, Catherine May  1967Heidelberg, Vic I28239
13 Cameron, Colin  1965Heidelberg, Vic I16023
14 Cameron, Donald  23 Oct 1979Heidelberg, Vic I80979
15 Cameron, Donald McLean Hope  23 Oct 1951Heidelberg, Vic I83235
16 Cameron, Donald Ross  11 Jun 1955Heidelberg, Vic I77698
17 Cameron, Ellen  30 Oct 1940Heidelberg, Vic I54474
18 Cameron, Ellen  17 Jan 1959Heidelberg, Vic I65115
19 Cameron, Ewen  1967Heidelberg, Vic I116890
20 Cameron, Flora May  7 Apr 1936Heidelberg, Vic I116144
21 Cameron, Hugh  1 Jun 1951Heidelberg, Vic I99356
22 Cameron, Hugh Ian  1973Heidelberg, Vic I116610
23 Cameron, Ian  24 Aug 1948Heidelberg, Vic I83238
24 Cameron, Dr Ian Thomas  7 Sep 1948Heidelberg, Vic I60049
25 Cameron, James Joseph  1940Heidelberg, Vic I116007
26 Cameron, James William  Jun 1928Heidelberg, Vic I67925
27 Cameron, Jessie Agnes  2 May 1956Heidelberg, Vic I32322
28 Cameron, Jessie Annie Elizabeth Trethowan  11 Mar 1932Heidelberg, Vic I103001
29 Cameron, John Alexander  17 Mar 1941Heidelberg, Vic I10974
30 Cameron, John Davidson  12 Dec 1916Heidelberg, Vic I20320
31 Cameron, John Henry Francis  1973Heidelberg, Vic I81878
32 Cameron, John James  19 May 1954Heidelberg, Vic I116005
33 Cameron, John James  1983Heidelberg, Vic I122547
34 Cameron, Lilian  1964Heidelberg, Vic I77749
35 Cameron, Marion  1973Heidelberg, Vic I48599
36 Cameron, Mary Ann Margaret  7 Dec 1949Heidelberg, Vic I101159
37 Cameron, Neil Gladstone  1967Heidelberg, Vic I79612
38 Cameron, Ruth Gladys  29 Oct 1913Heidelberg, Vic I20625
39 Cameron, Sarah  12 Aug 1919Heidelberg, Vic I108432
40 Cameron, Sarah May  1966Heidelberg, Vic I103333
41 Cameron, Stanley Rex  1972Heidelberg, Vic I101151
42 Cameron, Thomas William  16 Oct 1943Heidelberg, Vic I8400
43 Cameron, William  1976Heidelberg, Vic I44722
44 Cameron, William Hugh  1966Heidelberg, Vic I29766
45 Campbell, Keith Hugh  30 Oct 1972Heidelberg, Vic I112935
46 Cook, Edith Jane  19 Dec 1955Heidelberg, Vic I116849
47 Cottier, Lillias Eveline  1973Heidelberg, Vic I89951
48 Cowman, Ada Miriam  17 Oct 1961Heidelberg, Vic I90173
49 Degnan, Alison Kerr  1988Heidelberg, Vic I114298
50 Dixon, Walter Alexander  1981Heidelberg, Vic I98289

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Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Hugh Alpin McLean  Heidelberg, Vic I11092
2 Cameron, James William  Heidelberg, Vic I67925
3 Cameron, John  7 Feb 1925Heidelberg, Vic I102855
4 Cameron, Norman Alfred  Heidelberg, Vic I3131
5 Shepherd, Annie Fyffe  21 Jul 1938Heidelberg, Vic I102856
6 Stephenson, Letitia  Heidelberg, Vic I89605
7 Stokes, Nancy Rowdon  Heidelberg, Vic I3132


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cameron / Black  21 Feb 1934Heidelberg, Vic F29359
2 Hopkins / Stone  1 Mar 1932Heidelberg, Vic F27975

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