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Coffs Harbour, NSW



Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Beverly Anne  9 May 1937Coffs Harbour, NSW I26748
2 Cameron, Valerie Joyce  13 Jul 1935Coffs Harbour, NSW I26747
3 Gregory, Elma Joyce  20 May 1924Coffs Harbour, NSW I102440
4 Nash, Willow Ella  24 Jan 2006Coffs Harbour, NSW I95746
5 Osborne, Margaret Joyce  1 Sep 1938Coffs Harbour, NSW I40269


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bender, Catherine Edith  16 Oct 1966Coffs Harbour, NSW I4816
2 Cameron, Alastair David  17 Feb 2020Coffs Harbour, NSW I53156
3 Cameron, Angus  1964Coffs Harbour, NSW I1396
4 Cameron, Archibald Bruce  20 Mar 1931Coffs Harbour, NSW I26740
5 Cameron, Arthur George  25 Sep 1966Coffs Harbour, NSW I13517
6 Cameron, Beverly Anne  15 Dec 1996Coffs Harbour, NSW I26748
7 Cameron, Duncan  23 Aug 1967Coffs Harbour, NSW I26379
8 Cameron, Florence  20 Nov 1993Coffs Harbour, NSW I40307
9 Cameron, Ida May  1957Coffs Harbour, NSW I100165
10 Cameron, Irene Ida Jean  5 Sep 1977Coffs Harbour, NSW I4883
11 Cameron, Norman Bruce  May 2014Coffs Harbour, NSW I23124
12 Cameron, Philip James  3 Oct 1934Coffs Harbour, NSW I100166
13 Chelman, Adolphus Karl  1959Coffs Harbour, NSW I102346
14 Cowling, Charles Major  1951Coffs Harbour, NSW I22584
15 Cowling, Heather Jean  1965Coffs Harbour, NSW I22587
16 Cowling, Ivy Blanche  1964Coffs Harbour, NSW I22605
17 Cowling, Ruby Jane  1965Coffs Harbour, NSW I22586
18 Essex, Thomas Joseph  21 Feb 1968Coffs Harbour, NSW I107399
19 Fahey, Eric John  13 Jul 1981Coffs Harbour, NSW I22346
20 Henderson, Thomas Broomfield  11 Apr 1945Coffs Harbour, NSW I20618
21 Hoad, Eric Maxwell  21 Jun 1992Coffs Harbour, NSW I8961
22 Lund, Margaret  1998Coffs Harbour, NSW I87732
23 Mackenzie, Margaret Kathleen  Coffs Harbour, NSW I5076
24 McDermid, Finlay Allan  1947Coffs Harbour, NSW I57129
25 McDonald, Fanny Raines  28 Apr 1973Coffs Harbour, NSW I94724
26 McPherson, Catherine Ann  27 Mar 1963Coffs Harbour, NSW I22583
27 McPherson, Charles Grafton  1966Coffs Harbour, NSW I22756
28 McPherson, Dougall Cameron  24 Jul 1967Coffs Harbour, NSW I22572
29 Nash, Willow Ella  24 Jan 2006Coffs Harbour, NSW I95746
30 Neale, Jean Evelyn  1 Jul 2007Coffs Harbour, NSW I100414
31 Potter, Francis Rowland  29 Aug 1955Coffs Harbour, NSW I4818
32 Rhodes, Alice  20 Sep 1948Coffs Harbour, NSW I81024
33 Ryan, Gladys  23 Mar 1988Coffs Harbour, NSW I13543
34 Shipman, Theresa Evelyn Harriet  23 Nov 1971Coffs Harbour, NSW I22633
35 Sinclair, Mary Ellen  27 Oct 1962Coffs Harbour, NSW I13518
36 Snodgrass, Erwin Lindsay  22 Aug 1942Coffs Harbour, NSW I110993
37 Wallace, Malcolm Alexander  18 Sep 2011Coffs Harbour, NSW I100411
38 White, Beatrice Ellen  22 Jul 2001Coffs Harbour, NSW I23122
39 Wilkinson, Lelah Ann  1946Coffs Harbour, NSW I22757


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Burdett, Charles Ellison  Coffs Harbour, NSW I97690
2 Cameron, Beverly Anne  Coffs Harbour, NSW I26748
3 Cameron, Cecil John  Coffs Harbour, NSW I96940
4 Cameron, Francis Douglas  Coffs Harbour, NSW I102380
5 Cameron, John Norman Francis  Coffs Harbour, NSW I23121
6 Cameron, John Sinclair  Coffs Harbour, NSW I13542
7 Higgins, Maggie Christina  Coffs Harbour, NSW I1472
8 McGrath, Mahalia  Coffs Harbour, NSW I26741
9 Moss, Edna Jean  Coffs Harbour, NSW I96942
10 Whackett, Adella Ann F.  Coffs Harbour, NSW I26380
11 Williams, Ruby Leathorne  Coffs Harbour, NSW I118107


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cameron / Boles  13 Jan 1932Coffs Harbour, NSW F8236
2 Cameron / Dart  1949Coffs Harbour, NSW F31115
3 Cameron / O'Connor  1932Coffs Harbour, NSW F23585
4 Cameron / Ryan  1950Coffs Harbour, NSW F4176
5 Cowling / Cross  1934Coffs Harbour, NSW F29558
6 Ellem / McPherson  1928Coffs Harbour, NSW F31113
7 Ginger / Potter  1939Coffs Harbour, NSW F28421
8 McPherson / Green  1950Coffs Harbour, NSW F31117
9 Towells / Cowling  1927Coffs Harbour, NSW F29557
10 Towells / Cowling  1934Coffs Harbour, NSW F29559

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