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Balranald, NSW



Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Alexander Norman  16 Mar 1893Balranald, NSW I52408
2 Cameron, Alice Jane  15 Feb 1886Balranald, NSW I52406
3 Cameron, Alice Jean  1913Balranald, NSW I52399
4 Cameron, Andrew Lewis  1883Balranald, NSW I52401
5 Cameron, Angus  1880Balranald, NSW I95726
6 Cameron, Annie K.  16 Jun 1888Balranald, NSW I52407
7 Cameron, Donald Patrick Law  5 Jul 1897Balranald, NSW I30000
8 Cameron, Elizabeth  1898Balranald, NSW I30001
9 Cameron, Ellen  1890Balranald, NSW I95729
10 Cameron, Francis C. B.  1900Balranald, NSW I30002
11 Cameron, Francis Inez  13 Aug 1913Balranald, NSW I52410
12 Cameron, Harold Tyson  1883Balranald, NSW I95727
13 Cameron, Ida Jeanette  1885Balranald, NSW I95728
14 Cameron, Imogene Margaret  23 Nov 1889Balranald, NSW I29997
15 Cameron, Ina Heather A.  1894Balranald, NSW I29999
16 Cameron, Irene Una  21 Sep 1915Balranald, NSW I52411
17 Cameron, Jessie Marion  2 Apr 1884Balranald, NSW I52405
18 Cameron, John  1859Balranald, NSW I109641
19 Cameron, Kathleen Florence  1916Balranald, NSW I52400
20 Cameron, Lachlan Aird  15 Oct 1880Balranald, NSW I52395
21 Cameron, Lachlan Aird  1911Balranald, NSW I52398
22 Cameron, Mary Eleanor  1892Balranald, NSW I29998
23 Cameron, Peter Lewis  1910Balranald, NSW I52397
24 Cameron, Stuart Donald  1883Balranald, NSW I77778
25 Cameron, Walter Campbell  1888Balranald, NSW I77780
26 Cameron, William Redford  1883Balranald, NSW I61397
27 Campbell, Donald Townsend  1902Balranald, NSW I87254
28 Campbell, Florence Ruth  25 Oct 1901Balranald, NSW I87253
29 Campbell, Francis D. H.  1902Balranald, NSW I52393
30 Campbell, Sophie Meran  27 Jun 1898Balranald, NSW I87252
31 Duryea, Catherine Pearce  29 Aug 1877Balranald, NSW I87295
32 Harben, Hazel  1890Balranald, NSW I9147


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Calder, Ellen  28 Aug 1921Balranald, NSW I115786
2 Cameron, Alice Jane  14 May 1970Balranald, NSW I52406
3 Cameron, Allan Robert  2 Mar 1970Balranald, NSW I100500
4 Cameron, Charles James  19 Apr 1930Balranald, NSW I42294
5 Cameron, Ellen  20 Dec 1900Balranald, NSW I95729
6 Cameron, Grace Annandale  23 Nov 1889Balranald, NSW I29996
7 Cameron, Harold Tyson  11 Feb 1888Balranald, NSW I95727
8 Cameron, Ina Heather A.  4 Jan 1895Balranald, NSW I29999
9 Cameron, Peter  3 Jan 1907Balranald, NSW I52380
10 Cameron, Robert Mercer Stobie  Dec 1950Balranald, NSW I117956
11 Edwards, Ruby Elizabeth  20 Nov 1966Balranald, NSW I108580
12 Griffith, Marie E.  14 Apr 1924Balranald, NSW I116156
13 Harben, Mervyn Hayman  6 Oct 1969Balranald, NSW I108579
14 McCallum, Jessie  28 May 1924Balranald, NSW I42364
15 Wickson, Elizabeth Maude  Mar 1945Balranald, NSW I116284


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Francis Claude Philip  Balranald, NSW I119815
2 Sylvester, Phyllis Jean  Balranald, NSW I118629


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cameron / Barrett  1941Balranald, NSW F38243
2 Cameron / Gater  1914Balranald, NSW F16222
3 Cameron / Simmons  1912Balranald, NSW F16221
4 Cameron / Sylvester  1926Balranald, NSW F36888
5 Campbell / Cameron  1901Balranald, NSW F16219
6 Campbell / Duryea  1891Balranald, NSW F26675
7 Campbell / Duryea  16 Jul 1903Balranald, NSW F26688
8 Carey / Harben  1947Balranald, NSW F33497
9 Carmichael / Harben  1950Balranald, NSW F33498
10 Edwards / Cameron  1896Balranald, NSW F28694
11 Jubb / Cameron  1928Balranald, NSW F38241
12 Reid / Cameron  7 Mar 1899Balranald, NSW F35880

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