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Goulburn, NSW



Matches 151 to 200 of 200

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
151 Miller, Elizabeth Jane  Jan 1870Goulburn, NSW I107679
152 Miller, George Allan  30 Apr 1872Goulburn, NSW I54128
153 Miller, Leslie Stuart  29 Jul 1882Goulburn, NSW I107681
154 Miller, Matilda May  16 May 1878Goulburn, NSW I54132
155 Miller, Robert Stuart  2 Feb 1874Goulburn, NSW I54129
156 Miller, William Herbert  29 Jul 1880Goulburn, NSW I107680
157 Murray, James Frederick  1876Goulburn, NSW I41955
158 Osborne, Alfred Donald  28 Mar 1868Goulburn, NSW I105789
159 Osborne, Alfred G.  1889Goulburn, NSW I105798
160 Osborne, Charles  1873Goulburn, NSW I105791
161 Osborne, Charlotte Eliza  1860Goulburn, NSW I105786
162 Osborne, Horace Cyril  1913Goulburn, NSW I105803
163 Osborne, Isabella Jane  18 Aug 1862Goulburn, NSW I105788
164 Osborne, Kaziah Sophia  1857Goulburn, NSW I105785
165 Osborne, Mary Anne  16 Oct 1855Goulburn, NSW I105784
166 Osborne, Sarah Elizabeth  16 Apr 1871Goulburn, NSW I105790
167 Osborne, William George  18 Aug 1862Goulburn, NSW I105787
168 Osborne, William Thomas  13 Apr 1876Goulburn, NSW I105792
169 Pearson, Arthur George Stanley  1879Goulburn, NSW I124581
170 Pearson, Eleanor  1906Goulburn, NSW I124585
171 Pearson, Jeffrey Claude  1915Goulburn, NSW I124588
172 Pearson, John R.  1904Goulburn, NSW I124584
173 Pearson, Lawrence Daniel Reginald  1911Goulburn, NSW I124587
174 Pearson, Olga Beryl Margaret  1913Goulburn, NSW I124589
175 Pearson, Reginald Adrian Wilfred  1884Goulburn, NSW I124582
176 Pettiet, Mary Ann  1870Goulburn, NSW I105797
177 Rook, Mary Ann  1862Goulburn, NSW I41837
178 Ross, Donald  1869Goulburn, NSW I102274
179 Ross, Isabel Margaret  1872Goulburn, NSW I53495
180 Ross, Margaret  1870Goulburn, NSW I53452
181 Schofield, Sarah Ann  1888Goulburn, NSW I99221
182 Seeley, Patrick Ernest Edward  1898Goulburn, NSW I97618
183 Smith, Elaine Coral  31 Dec 1926Goulburn, NSW I53616
184 Stacey, Arlington George  1918Goulburn, NSW I90406
185 Stacey, Carl Arlington John Hedge  1894Goulburn, NSW I78719
186 Stephenson, Albert Bruce  24 Sep 1937Goulburn, NSW I88653
187 Stephenson, Hugh William  24 Apr 1937Goulburn, NSW I88588
188 Stephenson, Lynette Wilma  23 Feb 1940Goulburn, NSW I88589
189 Stephenson, Phillip Lawrence  10 May 1939Goulburn, NSW I88654
190 Taylor, Rupert Fraser  1 Jun 1897Goulburn, NSW I66852
191 Todkill, Lucy  1860Goulburn, NSW I25483
192 Tomlin, Kerry Lyn  3 Jan 1966Goulburn, NSW I95343
193 Venn, Agnes  1878Goulburn, NSW I53045
194 Walkom, Albert  1918Goulburn, NSW I85013
195 Warren, Matilda  1838Goulburn, NSW I32947
196 Wilson, Ann M.  1865Goulburn, NSW I96652
197 Wilson, Donald  1863Goulburn, NSW I96651
198 Wilson, Hannah  1857Goulburn, NSW I96649
199 Wilson, William  1860Goulburn, NSW I96650
200 Windibank, James  Jan 1881Goulburn, NSW I33250

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