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Goulburn, NSW



Matches 101 to 150 of 200

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
101 Cameron, Trixie Goulburn  1 Apr 1895Goulburn, NSW I78720
102 Cameron, Victor Leslie  1902Goulburn, NSW I42457
103 Cameron, Walter Hillis  1885Goulburn, NSW I98160
104 Cameron, William Charles M.  1899Goulburn, NSW I25500
105 Carver, Alberta M.  1886Goulburn, NSW I119004
106 Carver, Charles M.  1889Goulburn, NSW I119005
107 Carver, Henry A.  1893Goulburn, NSW I119006
108 Carver, Trixie Vivienne Escombe  1896Goulburn, NSW I119007
109 Chalker, Harriet Ida  1884Goulburn, NSW I107827
110 Chisholm, Mary R.  1855Goulburn, NSW I116944
111 Cole, Andrew John  1881Goulburn, NSW I11908
112 Cole, Arthur Frank  1902Goulburn, NSW I11916
113 Cole, George Fraitor  1879Goulburn, NSW I11907
114 Cole, Mary Leighton  1877Goulburn, NSW I11906
115 Coppick, Alexander Granville  1902Goulburn, NSW I33830
116 Coppick, Alice I. R.  1900Goulburn, NSW I107890
117 Coppick, Arthur George  8 Dec 1904Goulburn, NSW I33832
118 Coppick, Robert Alexander  3 Oct 1874Goulburn, NSW I33829
119 Davidson, Daniel Donald  1885Goulburn, NSW I105794
120 Davidson, James Craig  1860Goulburn, NSW I105793
121 Davidson, Mabel Mauude  1892Goulburn, NSW I105796
122 Davidson, William Thomas  1888Goulburn, NSW I105795
123 Goodwin, Mary Alice  25 Mar 1879Goulburn, NSW I32848
124 Gordon, Gregory  20 Oct 1932Goulburn, NSW I88788
125 Gray, Hannah  28 May 1883Goulburn, NSW I11859
126 Howlett, James  1879Goulburn, NSW I39609
127 Howlett, John  1877Goulburn, NSW I39608
128 Howlett, Mary Ann Jane  1868Goulburn, NSW I39603
129 Howlett, Samuel  1866Goulburn, NSW I39602
130 Howlett, Thomas  1873Goulburn, NSW I39606
131 MacLean, Mary Anne  1864Goulburn, NSW I54284
132 McCallum, Farquhar D. R.  1879Goulburn, NSW I53278
133 McCallum, Jessie  24 May 1855Goulburn, NSW I42364
134 McDonald, Christina  1858Goulburn, NSW I110035
135 McDonald, David Charles Osborne  26 Feb 1853Goulburn, NSW I109621
136 McDonald, Sophia  1861Goulburn, NSW I110036
137 McDonald, William  2 Dec 1854Goulburn, NSW I110039
138 McIntosh, Donald George Sutherland  23 Jun 1918Goulburn, NSW I76196
139 McLean, Margaret Janet  1906Goulburn, NSW I90084
140 McLennan, Christina Ann  1886Goulburn, NSW I41803
141 McLennan, Euphemia  1874Goulburn, NSW I41787
142 McLennan, John James  1880Goulburn, NSW I41799
143 McLennan, Margaret  1883Goulburn, NSW I41801
144 McLennan, Mary Sophia  1872Goulburn, NSW I41785
145 McLennan, William John  1878Goulburn, NSW I41797
146 McNeilly, Annie  1861Goulburn, NSW I41819
147 McTernan, Ada A.  1916Goulburn, NSW I32851
148 McTernan, Mary J.  1912Goulburn, NSW I32850
149 Milford, Eric Victor  5 Apr 1894Goulburn, NSW I10457
150 Miller, Amy Christina  2 Feb 1876Goulburn, NSW I54131

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Matches 101 to 122 of 122

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
101 O'Meara, Mary Ellen  1956Goulburn, NSW I107942
102 Osborne, Charles  11 Oct 1876Goulburn, NSW I105791
103 Osborne, Euphemia  8 Jun 1892Goulburn, NSW I86461
104 Osborne, Isabella Jane  1895Goulburn, NSW I105788
105 Osborne, Kaziah Sophia  3 Oct 1876Goulburn, NSW I105785
106 Osborne, Sarah Elizabeth  5 Dec 1885Goulburn, NSW I105790
107 Osborne, William George  1875Goulburn, NSW I105787
108 Osborne, William T. C.  22 Nov 1875Goulburn, NSW I86465
109 Pearson, Arthur George Stanley  1960Goulburn, NSW I124581
110 Rae, David Keith  1913Goulburn, NSW I86508
111 Raworth, Rebecca Sewell  20 Dec 1919Goulburn, NSW I33803
112 Ross, Elizabeth C.  1879Goulburn, NSW I53276
113 Spicer, Alice  13 Oct 1964Goulburn, NSW I54267
114 Stacey, Carl Arlington John Hedge  11 Sep 1948Goulburn, NSW I78719
115 Stewart, Alexander  4 Jul 1906Goulburn, NSW I111856
116 Stewart, Vincent Angus  1963Goulburn, NSW I107937
117 Todkill, Lucy  27 Jan 1925Goulburn, NSW I25483
118 Tomlin, Kerry Lyn  22 Jul 1966Goulburn, NSW I95343
119 Tozer, Iris Louisa Ann  8 Nov 1998Goulburn, NSW I107855
120 Valledy, Florence Ada  29 Jan 1956Goulburn, NSW I100426
121 Venn, Agnes  Sep 1953Goulburn, NSW I53045
122 Walton, Louisa Jane  4 Jan 1963Goulburn, NSW I33939

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