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Donald Cameron

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Donald Cameron  b. ca 1725. Tenant in Ross Skeen, Easter Ross It is suggested (ref. IGI, not proven) that he left the Western Highlands after Culloden and the '45 uprising, then settled under an alias (McKeddy) in the more peaceful North-east at Dingwall, Ross & Cromarty. A similar story is attached to John24 family. There is also a claim that the family descend from the Camerons of Fassifern (Ref: Chiefs of the Clan McLeod - "one of their ancestors, Donald Cameron, born in 1715 was second in command of the clan in the Jacobite rising of 1745"). Facts are confused but it is possible that Donald was son of a young John Cameron of Fassifern, not otherwise recorded. Another branch of the family claims descent from Dr Archibald Cameron, similarly possible. From the two stories, descent from the Lochiel family appears likely.

m.   Lillias Dingwall  Dau. of John Dingwall, Heritor in Dingwall and Lilias Mackenzie, dau. of Roderick Mackenzie 4th of Kilcoy

1.1  Donald Cameron  b. 9 Nov 1752 Cromarty, Ross & Cromarty, bapt. 24 May 1753 Dingwall, d. 28 Feb 1826 Dingwall, bur. St Clements Parish Churchyard, Dingwall. Writer in Dingwall, J.P. of the County of Ross, Clerk of the Peace for Ross and Cromarty 1816. Death date previously given as 8 Feb 1822.

m.  1 Dec 1779, Elizabeth Mackenzie  b. 1760, d. 28 Jan 1831 Dingwall. Dau. of William Mackenzie, Tacksman of Teanafield, and of the Mackenzies of Kilcoy and Applecross, and Barbara (1719 - 1788), dau. of Donald Dingwall Provost of Dingwall.

2.1  William Cameron  b. 8 Nov 1780 Dingwall, d. 7 Jul 1855 Edinburgh, bur. churchyard of Lund, Parish of Unst, Shetland. Captain 78th Highlanders, 2nd Lieut Dingwall Volunteers 1797 After the death of Mouat in 1836, he assumed the surname of Cameron Mouat

m.  27 Jul 1809, Margaret Mouat  b. 1779, d. 31 Jul 1871. Heiress to the lands of Garth and Annsbrae; Gardie House, Bressay, Shetland

3.1  William Mouat Cameron  b. 29 Jul 1810, d. 15 Apr 1838. Called Cameron Mouat at death

3.2  Jane Elizabeth Cameron  b. 8 May 1812, d. 2 Nov 1890.

3.3  Elizabeth Cameron  b. 11 Jan 1814, d. 8 Mar 1898. Later Mouat

3.4  Margaret Anne Cameron  d. 14 Feb 1900. Later Mouat, b. 14 Feb 1816 unmarried

3.5  Thomas Mouat Cameron  b. 9 Sep 1819 Shetland, d. 21 Dec 1892 Shetland. Major, did not use the surname Mouat Honourable East India Company's Army, Ensign 1838 Lieut 1842, Capt 1847. In 55th Bengal Native Infantry which mutinied 1857 at Lucknow. Hon Major 1861

2.2  Lillias Cameron  b. 2 Feb 1782 Dingwall, d. 7 Feb 1873 Dingwall, bur. St Clement's, Dingwall. unmarried

2.3  Donald Cameron  b. 22 Nov 1783 Dingwall, d. 31 Aug 1810. Lieut. 78th Regiment. In Berbice from ca 1801

2.4  John Mackenzie Cameron  b. 22 Sep 1785 Dingwall, Scotland, d. 17 Dec 1827 Grahams Town, South Africa. Lt 72nd Highlanders; Served South Africa as Ensign 1806-7, Lieut 1810-18; Capt 60th Foot, served South Africa 1818-19. Capt in 55th (Westmoreland) Regiment of Foot 1828

m.  3 Sep 1808, Capetown, South Africa, Gesina Knoop  d. 23 Apr 1851 Capetown, South Africa.

3.1  Donald Cameron  b. ca 1810, d. Dec 1899 Pietermaritzburg, Natal. (also called Donald Mackenzie Cameron) Lived Devils Peak, Table Valley, Dingwall Cottage, Rondelbosch. Royal Engineers Dept

3.2  John Mackenzie Cameron  b. 9 Jan 1811, bapt. 10 Mar 1811 Swellendam, N.G.K. (Dutch), d. 19 May 1874.

3.3  George Francis Hartley Cameron  b. 9 Dec 1813, bapt. 2 Jan 1814 Stellenbosch, d. 1 Feb 1814 Stellenbosch, NGK (Dutch).

3.4  Elizabeth Gezina Cameron  b. 10 May 1815, bapt. 16 Jun 1815 Capetown, d. 31 Aug 1834.

3.5  William Alexander Cameron  b. 1 Apr 1817 at sea, bapt. 4 Apr 1817 Capetown, d. 12 Nov 1873 Kalk Bay. Clerk

3.6  Lilly Louisa Sophia Cameron  bapt. 27 Aug 1819 Capetown.

3.7  Hester Gesina Petronella Cameron  b. 10 Jan 1825, bapt. Stellenbosch, NGK, d. 1 Nov 1830.

2.5  Alexander Mackenzie Cameron  b. 27 Jul 1787 Dingwall, d. 21 Mar 1858 Dingwall. Captain in 78th Highlanders, served in Sicily and Italian campaigns 1806 and Java 1811. Deputy Lieutenant for Ross, Assistant Sheriff-Substitute Dingwall, Banker in Dingwall National Bank. He lived in Castle St, Dingwall

m.  10 Aug 1831, Dingwall, Flora Mackenzie  b. 1806, d. 2 Jul 1877 Annerly, nr London. of Newhall, Black Isle. No issue

2.6  Francis Mackenzie Cameron  b. 10 May 1789 Dingwall, d. 6 Jul 1852 Dacca, Bengal. Indigo planter, in charge of Surbundy Factory, Furedipor, Dacca, Bengal, until ruined along with Alexander and Co. of Calcutta He kept 1600 fighting men, also a Mussulman woman Beebee Omdah Kamun, by whom he had issue.


3.1  John Thomas Dunlop Cameron  b. ca 1817, d. 1 Oct 1876, bur. Gen. Episcopal Cemetery, Chowringee, Calcutta. Headmaster La Martiniere College, Calcutta

3.2  Eliza Mackenzie Cameron 

m.2.   Maria de Braganza  mcl.

3.3  Alexander Mackenzie Cameron  b. 27 May 1838 Dacca, Bengal, bapt. 9 Oct 1853 Dacca, d. 1 Jan 1926 Silver St, St Peters, Sydney, bur. Pres. section, Rookwood, NSW. Journalist, poet, tutor, Supreme court interpreter, explorer in Burma, Maldives, Celebes, W. New Guinea and Himalayas, etc, adventurer, expert in map making in India - claimed to have died in India 1908, and to be wharf labourer at death, after bigamous marriage

2.7  Barbara Dingwall Cameron  b. 6 Mar 1791 Dingwall, d. 24 Jun 1791 Dingwall.

2.8  Roderic Cameron  b. 12 Apr 1792 Dingwall, Scotland, d. 14 Dec 1816 at sea. Unmarried Lieut. in 78th Highlanders, died of fever on way home from India

2.9  George Cameron  b. 18 Jun 1794 Dingwall, d. 9 Apr 1811 Demerara, British Guiana. Planter

2.10  Thomas Mackenzie Cameron  b. 7 Sep 1796 Dingwall, Scotland, d. 4 Jun 1814 Java. R.N.,drowned, on Admiral Sir Samuel Hood's ship Centaur, as Midshipman

2.11  Hugh Innes Cameron  b. 16 Jan 1802 Dingwall, d. 12 Jun 1871 London. Principal Clerk of the Peace for Ross & Cromarty in 1828. Provost of Dingwall; Procurator Fiscal, Parliamentary Agent in Dingwall, Deputy Lieutenant of Dingwall and County Ross, JP of Ross and Cromarty. Later lawyer and banker in London (with legal problems of his own 1856). Armigerous, granted arms 1836

m.  11 Jun 1828, Plumstead, Kent, Nancy Sophia Ellis  b. 27 Oct 1802, d. 5 Dec 1849 Maryborough. Youngest daughter of the late Joseph Ellis, Esq, Commissary of Ordnance (Major Joseph George Ellis) and Jane Clementina Powrie. Inverness Journal Monday, 16 January 1832 reports death of Mrs H. I. Cameron at Dingwall.

3.1  Elizabeth Mackenzie Cameron  b. 5 Apr 1829 Dingwall, d. 14 Aug 1885 Sheerness.

3.2  Hugh Thomas Cameron  b. 6 May 1830 Dingwall, d. 20 Mar 1887 Lambeth, London. Inverness Journal give birth date 5 Jun 1830 Barrister, London

3.3  Nancy Sophia Ellis Cameron  b. 8 May 1831 Dingwall, d. 29 Jan 1915. Inverness Journal gives birth date 5 Aug 1831 Unmarried

3.4  Mary Stewart Mackenzie (Mimi) Cameron  b. 11 Mar 1832 Dingwall, d. 4 Sep 1914. Unmarried

3.5  Donald Roderick Cameron  b. 25 Apr 1834 Dingwall, Scotland, d. 23 Dec 1921 Dingwall, Scotland. Major General, RA, CMG He was Commissioner in Charge 49th Parallel Boundary. Commandant Royal Military College, Kingston, Canada

3.6  Joseph George Ellis Cameron  b. 2 Nov 1836, d. 27 Jan 1881. Captain Madras S.C. and 12th Native Infantry. Cashiered 25 Jul 1868

3.7  Keith William Stewart Mackenzie Cameron  b. 10 Feb 1838 Maryborough, Scotland, bapt. 8 Nov 1838 Dingwall, Ross & Cromarty, d. 19 Mar 1865 Calcutta, India. Unmarried. Wounded on Bhutan expedition, Tibet, led by his older brother Maj. Gen. Donald Roderick Cameron

3.8  Innes Lillingston Cameron  b. 27 Sep 1840 Dingwall, d. 2 Jul 1883 Manitoba, Canada. Indigo planter, Dacca, India; Mounted Police and Prospector in Canada, adventurer from Capetown to Canada. Unmarried