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Unknown Cameron

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Unknown Cameron  Much of the Scottish detail of this family is from a 1991 chart by genealogist Tearlach MacFarlane, "The Giusachan Camerons", passed on by family members. This appears to refer to the place name now recorded as Guesachan, on Loch Shiel. There is now a Giusachan near Beauly, apparently irrevelant. They are presumably descendants of the MacMartin Camerons - see also Ewen10 and Saor trees.


1.1  Marjorie Cameron  b. ca 1770. Not confirmed as of this family. She was in Callop 1841, aged 70

1.2  Martin Cameron  He was tenant in Glasfern, near Glaschoirein in 1807, tenant in Polloch 1827-39

m.   Mary MacMillan 

2.1  Paul Cameron  b. ca 1787, d. 31 Jul 1857 Blaich, Argyll, bur. Eilean Fhianain, Loch Shiel.

m.  27 Feb 1816, Chirsty Maclean  Dau.of Hector Maclean, Ardgour, sister to Margaret

3.1  Ketty Cameron 

3.2  Ewen Cameron 

3.3  Mary Cameron 

3.4  Ketty Cameron 

3.5  John Cameron  b. ca 1823.

3.6  Huina Cameron 

3.7  Duncan Cameron 

2.2  Ewen Cameron  b. ca 1790. In Callop 1841, aged 50, with brother Duncan.

2.3  Donald (Red) Cameron  b. ca 1793 Glaschorean, Argyll, d. 21 Jan 1877 Strontian, Argyll, bur. Eilean Fhianain, Loch Shiel. Of Guesachan, Loch Shiel. In Callop 1841. By 1861-9 living at Garvan, by Loch Eil. In 1851 Ardnamurchan census of Guesachan, near Loch Shiel, farmer of 400 sheep, widower, b. Ardnamurchan, with son Ewen, 23, b. Ardnamurchan, dau. Mary, 19, b. Ardnamurchan, dau. Catherine, 18, b. Kilmallie, and son Hector 15, b. Kilmallie. There appears to have been a second Donald Cameron, b. ca 1793, who was in Giusachan (presumably Guesachan) in 1861. He had wife Christina who was living 1871 with their son John, b. ca 1821, Ardgour. John married Jessie McFrain, b. ca 1840, Greenock. They had issue Christina, b. 1858, Ardgour; Paul, b. 1860, Ardnamurchan; Donald b. 1863, Ardnamurchan; Mary, b. 1865, Ardnamurchan; Ewen, b. 1866, Ardnamurchan; and Duncan, b. 1868, Ardnamurchan.

m.  29 Jun 1825, Acharacle, Argyll, Margaret Hope McLean  d. Apr 1850. Dau. of Hector MacLean, Ardgour, sister to Chirsty

3.1  John Cameron  b. ca 1827. Of Fort Worth, Texas

3.2  Ewen Cameron  b. ca 1829 Ardnamurchan, Argyll, d. 29 Oct 1916 Dunhelen, Broadmeadows, Vic, bur. Will Will Rook, Broadmeadows, Vic. Buried as son of Donald Cameron and Margaret McLean Arrived Australia 1852. Moved from Little River, Vic. to "Foyle View", Mitchell, Qld, Kyneton, Vic and Coburg, Vic. Cousin of Paul Cameron, ID no. 82324; and of one Alexander Cameron who was buried Coburg Cemetery 24 Sep 1898 (unidentified)

3.3  Mary Cameron  b. ca 1832 Ardnamurchan, Argyll. At Guesechan in 1851 with father

3.4  Catherine Cameron  b. ca 1833 Kilmallie, d. 20 Jun 1907 Coburg, Vic, bur. Will Will Rook, Vic. At Guesechan in 1851 with father

3.5  Sarah Cameron  b. ca 1834.

3.6  Hector Cameron  b. 6 Mar 1835 Callop, Argyll, d. 25 Jun 1908 Lewis. At Guesechan in 1851 with father. In 1869 he was at Garvan with his father, writing to his brother Martin in Qld. Free Church minister at Backs, Isle of Lewis from ca 1878

3.7  Martin Cameron  b. ca 1838 Argyllshire, d. 6 Mar 1914 Kelvin Grove, Kangaroo Ground, Vic, bur. Will Will Rook, Broadmeadows, Vic. Arrived Australia "1856", perhaps Jan 1866 per "Southern Empire". Later at Bonnie Doon, Vic and "Foyle View", Maranoa, Qld, then farmer at Kelvin Grove, Kangaroo Ground

3.8  Duncan Cameron  b. 30 Sep 1839 Callop, Argyll.

3.9  Annie Cameron  b. ca 1846, d. 8 Jan 1918.

2.4  Hector Cameron 

2.5  Jean Cameron 

2.6  Duncan Cameron  b. ca 1802 Ardnamurchan, Argyll. In Callop 1841 (Dalrioch at census, aged 40), Garvan, Kilmallie 1851, 61, 71

m.  6 Feb 1839, Kilmallie, Mary MacLachlan  b. ca 1820 Argyll.

3.1  Martin Cameron  b. 1840 Argyll.

3.2  Duncan Cameron  b. ca 1846 Kilmallie, Argyll.

3.3  Donald Cameron  b. ca 1848 Kilmallie, Argyll.

3.4  John Cameron  b. ca 1850 Kilmallie, Argyll.

3.5  Maggie Cameron  b. ca 1852 Kilmallie, Argyll.

3.6  Mary Cameron  b. ca 1854 Kilmallie, Argyll.

3.7  Ewen Cameron  b. ca 1857 Kilmallie, Argyll.

3.8  Paul Cameron  b. 27 Aug 1859 Garvan, Argyll.

2.7  Mary Cameron  b. ca 1802 Ardnamurchan. Living with her brother Donald at Garvan in 1869

2.8  Sarah Cameron  Not confirmed as of this family, but dau. of Martin (Familysearch)

m.  6 Feb 1820, Acharacle, Argyll, Donald Cameron 

1.3  Mary Cameron 

m.   John (Ian Ban Uisdean) Cameron  In Giusachan/Guesachan 1803

2.1  Duncan Cameron  b. ca 1784.

m.   Catherine MacEachen 

2.2  Mary Cameron  b. ca 1785, d. 18 Sep 1865 Moss, Arisaig. Unmarried

2.3  Marion (Sarah) Cameron 

2.4  Allan Cameron  b. 1801, d. 1872. Migrated 1821 to Mabou, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

m.   Flora Beaton 

2.5  John Cameron  b. 1803 Guisachan, Argyll, d. 29 Sep 1855 Moss, Arisaig.

m.   Mary MacEachern 

2.6  Margaret Cameron  b. ca 1805, d. 9 Oct 1882 Glenaladale, Argyll.

m.   Angus MacLeod